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If you’re here, then you’re looking for the top Far Cry 6 info you can find. Fortunately, we have all you need to know, so make sure you stay on this page until the end.

The Far Cry series currently includes five numbered games and several spin-offs. And they’re all completely different games.

Far Cry is just famous for the fact that each new game is something very different from the previous ones. The spin-offs that came out in the 10s were crazy – players traveled from a retro fantasy world to the Stone Age and from there to the post-apocalypse.

Numerical FarCry games are usually calmer, and yet they still always surprise gamers with something new and crazy. Far Cry 6 game, which we are waiting for this year, also is going to continue this tradition.

Moreover, this game promises to surprise gamers with more innovations than any Far Cry game before!

How many hours is Far Cry 6 main story?

The duration of the Far Cry 6 main story can vary. It depends on how much time you invest to investigate the open world and finish the side missions.

However, according to most worldwide users, this is expected to take between 20-25 hours to accomplish the main story. Of course, this is only if you concentrate only on the story missions and do not spend that much time on side stuff.

Of course, this can vary depending on your play style, skill level, and how much time you spend on exploration and side missions. Some players may complete the story faster or slower than this estimate.

In some other cases, it seems like it can take up to 58-60 hours to finish gameplay.

Why is Far Cry 6 so fun?

Here are some reasons why Far Cry 6 might be fun for many worldwide gamers and also for you:

  1. Open world: Far Cry 6 open world allows you to explore tons of landscapes, from deep jungles to urban areas. There, you’re allowed to connect with a massive collection of enemies and wildlife. Due to its movement flexibility options, some players also claimed that the gameplay feels intense and fascinating.
  2. Action-packed gameplay: Far Cry 6 allows you to use a wide range number of weapons and equipment during battles. These features will definitely contribute to your captivating gaming experience. Plus, the game comes with various techniques to complete tasks and achieve goals, while letting users tailor their gameplay.
  3. Story and characters: The narrative and protagonists are both well-written and engaging, as the game explores concepts like revolution, power, and family. These might get some of you emotionally committed.
  4. Customization and progression: Far Cry 6 players may use a talent tree to improve their character’s skills and customize their appearance, giving the game a sense of progress and uniqueness.

What are the top 10 most interesting info about Far Cry 6?

1. Action situated in a fictional island country called Yara

It is a tropical country that is ruled by the dictatorial regime of Anton Castillo. On the one hand, Yara is a warm, heavenly place, where you can live without worries.

On the other hand, under Castillo’s rule, the country seems to be frozen in time and completely undeveloped.

Of course, this state of affairs does not suit the population, because many residents of Yara are below the poverty line – they live almost on the verge of starvation.

Riots break out all over the country, the state is on the verge of a large-scale revolution, and Castillo maintains order as best he can, relying on his loyal soldiers.

2. The island of Yara is under the sanctions of strong democracies

During the action of Far Cry 6, Yara is under the sanctions of strong democracies. It is largely because of the sanctions that the country is in such dire straits.

One of Anton Castillo’s main goals, in addition to holding power and bringing order to the country, is to rid the state of sanctions. This is the kind of harsh world we come to at the very beginning of Far Cry 6.

3. Far Cry 6 protagonist became part of the revolution

During the action of Far Cry 6, the protagonist is a young rebel, Dani Rojas, who accidentally became part of the revolution.

The gamers will be able to choose the gender of the hero – if we are playing for the man, his voice will be performed by Sean Ray and the female version of Dani will be voiced by Nisa Gunduz.

As the developers say, Far Cry 6 is a story about revolution. And it’s Dani, who has a personal connection to the game world, who will be our guide through the story of Yara, which will be happening before our eyes.

That is, this time it’s not some tourist who got into the game world from somewhere outside – we play as a character who was born and raised in Yara and is a true patriot who wants the best for his state.

But Anton Castillo is just as much of a patriot. Yara’s president intends to do everything he can to restore the country to its former glory.

He also worries about the future – in the first cinematic trailer, we see Anton giving his 13-year-old son Diego a very harsh lesson.

The dictator is clearly grooming the boy to be his replacement. Actor Giancarlo Esposito, who gave Anton his looks and his voice, emphasizes that his character is very complex and contradictory.

He really wants the best for his country but intends to achieve it without the help of foreigners, whom he does not trust.

In order to achieve his goal, Castillo will do anything. He will not stop at murder – after all, he himself lost his father (he was killed 50 years ago when the future dictator was very young), and this tragedy must have hardened Anton a lot.

4. The third protagonist is very important to the story

The third protagonist of the game will be Diego Castillo, who, as the developers promise, is very important to the story.

The relationship between Anton and Diego will be demonstrated in the game through numerous third-person videos. According to Ubisoft Toronto, these two will have a lot of screen time.

In addition, in third-person mode we will be watching the main character (or heroine) in many in-game cinematics – this is also an innovation for the Far Cry series.

5. Urban locations

Now, the battles are not limited by forests, mountains, and villages – for the first time in the Far Cry series, we’ll fight in the big city of Esperance, the capital of Yara.

City locations will lead to a significant gameplay change, which is not only horizontal but also vertical. In Far Cry 6 the battles take place not only in the streets but also on the roofs of houses, not only in the wide-open spaces but also in the narrow streets.

The developers promise that the new game will give an unusual gameplay experience to those, who have already played the Far Cry series a lot. In addition to gunfights, you will also be able to play table games like blackjack, poker, and other card games.

6. At the beginning of the game, you’ll not be in the city

Gradually, players will liberate small villages and clear roadblocks packed with Castillo soldiers, getting closer and closer to the capital.

Then we will be able to visit Esperanza more and more often, completing various quests there. Finally, we can assume that the final chapters of the Far Cry 6 storyline will show us only the missions in the capital city.

7. A detailed and as truthful as possible depiction of life in the country under the control of the dictator, as well as a truthful depiction of the revolution.

The writers of Ubisoft Toronto went to Cuba and met with former guerrilla revolutionaries; whose stories influenced the plot of the sixth Far Cry game.

Also, the developers are trying to give the atmosphere and the life of the country, that has been preserved in time for the last 50 years. For example, the freakish looks of Yara’s cars were inspired by the Cuban auto industry.

The developers studied the music of Cuba, the culture, and history of the Liberty Island. All these things were reflected in the sixth part. There won’t be flashy entertainment centers with casino pokies online, only harsh suburbs of ghetto

8. As for the technical component, Ubisoft traditionally is going to make a beautiful game

In particular, they promise support for asynchronous calculations, ray tracing, and shading with variable speed.

The developers are working closely with AMD, which new gaming technologies are very pleased with the studio from Toronto. In particular, the development team works together with AMD specialists to provide the smoothest picture in 4K.

9. Developers are still reluctant to talk about the customization

But it is already known that Far Cry 6 will offer deep customization of the main features. In this case, we have to consider the protagonist’s equipment, his weapons, and all the tools, he will find during the game.

10. Rebels and government troops are not all parties involved in the civil war in Yara

There are several different warring factions in the game, but the developers do not reveal details about them yet. So, we have to wait a bit more for this Far Cry 6 info.

Where can I play Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 is available to play on various devices, including:

  1. PC: Far Cry 6 is available on PC through the Ubisoft Store, Epic Games Store, and Steam.
  2. PlayStation: Far Cry 6 can be played on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.
  3. Xbox: You can also run Far Cry 6 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S consoles, and through Xbox Game Pass.
  4. Stadia: Far Cry 6 is also available to play on Google Stadia.

Also, keep in mind that you can find the game on the Steam and Epic Games gaming platforms.

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