An Introduction to CS:GO Community Servers


If you’ve been playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for years and are finding the standard game less of a challenge than it used to be, it’s time to discover the world of community servers. The best community servers build upon the basic principles of CS:GO gameplay, but offer far more than standard competitive gameplay modes. If you’re looking for more intense virtual combat, or simply want to try something new, community servers are the way to go. Below, we explore the various community server types you’re likely to encounter if you’re looking to mix it up. 

Kreedz Climbing Servers

Otherwise known as KZ Climbing servers, these community servers are among the oldest alternative gameplay modes around. These servers are best reserved for experienced players due to their high difficulty level. KZ maps tend to be stocked with challenging obstacles that make traversing the virtual environment incredibly taxing. Many professional esports players spend considerable time practicing on these maps to improve positioning and playing speeds. 

Deathmatch Servers 

If you’ve been watching CSGO live and want to emulate the performance of the professionals, Deathmatch servers are well worth investigating. The aim of these servers is pretty much what you’d expect going by the name. As soon as a deathmatch begins, players have 10 minutes to eliminate as many enemy combatants before the time elapses. You’ll spawn randomly in Deathmatch mode and, although you will be aligned with a team, team statistics are disabled. Many professional CS:GO players use Deathmatch servers as a warmup before heading into combat during tournaments. If you’re eager to try out this dynamic mode for yourself, give Aim Monster or Cybershoke a try. 

Demolition Mode Servers

Demolition mode presents a significant challenge, even for the most accomplished CS:GO player. You’ll spawn on a relatively bomb site map with a limited inventory at your disposal. Weapons can be unlocked by defeating enemy combatants, but you can’t simply pick up and start using your acquired arsenal. Instead, any unlocked weapons will be available to use once you progress to the next round. 

Hide and Seek Servers 

Hide and Seek (HNS) servers are something to consider if you’re looking for an enjoyable alternative to conventional combat. Unlike other gameplay modes, this style of play involves considerable skill. If you take on the role of a terrorist, you’ll have to evade attack from the enemy. If you’re adopting a counter-terrorism role, your arsenal is limited to bladed weapons only as you seek out your opponents. Hide and Seek servers are particularly useful for players looking to make full use of the map, rather than rely heavily on their weaponry. There’s also an impressive range of high-profile HNS servers available. Edan, USP, and Efrag are among some of the best. 

Flying Scoutman Servers

This unusual game mode is definitely worth trying if you’re looking to level the playing field. In this mode, players are granted a limited inventory that contains nothing more than a knife and an SSG 08. Game mechanics are also heavily altered, with increased acceleration and dramatically reduced gravity conditions. This makes it possible to leap considerable distances across the game map. The warped conditions also mean that you can’t rely on tried and tested combat strategies. Firing a bullet in the direction of a stationary enemy won’t always guarantee a clear hit. If you’re eager to play a game where all bets are off, Flying Scoutman servers should deliver. 

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