Destiny 2 Parting The Veil Not Showing Up: A Detailed Guide

If you are struggling with the Parting The Veil quest that does not show up, check our guide for an easy fix. ✅


Is your Parting the Veil quest not show up in Destiny 2? Destiny 2’s content-packed and thrilling gameplay captivates millions of players, but hidden obstacles can be frustrating.

Bungie meticulously beta-tested the game and capitalized on the insights gained from its predecessor to enhance and refine every facet of the gameplay. Despite a few minor hiccups that need addressing, the game provides a highly gratifying and immersive experience, boasting stunning visuals, witty humor, diverse gameplay options, and a constant stream of rewards.

Here’s a guide to assist you in resolving the issue of Parting the Veil quest not appearing in Destiny 2. Whether you’re new to Destiny or a seasoned Guardian, we’re here to help you overcome obstacles and continue exploring its expansive world.

Why Parting the Veil quest is not showing up in Destiny 2?

First, you must complete the primary Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign. Next, you must finish the Unfinished Business exotic quest on Neomuna. To complete the Unfinished Business exotic, visit Nimbus in Neomuna to receive this quest. After that, you can expect the Parting the Veil quest to show up.

How to complete the Unfinished Business exotic quest?

Players receive numerous quests after completing the Lightfall campaign, including the Welcome to the Hall of Heroes quest. This quest is relatively short, but it is essential as it is required to unlock other quests. To complete the Unfinished Business exotic quest, follow these steps:

1. Enter the Hall of Heroes.

Destiny 2 Hall Of Heroes

2. Reach out to Nimbus and inquire about their early departure from Rohan’s induction ceremony.

Destiny 2 Nimbus

3. Help find Rohan’s notes in encrypted data packets throughout the city. Collect Cipher qubits by defeating Vex in Neomuna to unlock the data.

Destiny 2 Collect qubits

4. Locate the final data packet in Maya’s Retreat.

Mayas Retreat

5. Find Osiris and Nimbus in Radiosonde to delve into the specifics of Rohan’s notes.

Destiny 2 regroup

6. Retrieve a Vex compass from the Lost Sector in Liming Harbor.

Destiny 2 Vex Compass

7. Create chaos in Ahimsa Park to divert Shadow Legion forces and increase chaos by defeating combatants with your abilities.

Destiny 2 Create Chaos

8. Obtain a Seed of Silver Wings from Calus’s trove deep within the Typhon Imperator.

Destiny 2 Passkey

9. Return to Nimbus in Strider’s Gate to construct the passkey.

Destiny 2 Nimbus

10. Complete the mission What Remains to bring the memory core of the Conceptual Mind to Nimbus in Strider’s Gate.

11. Now you can unlock Deterministic Chaos, a Void heavy machine gun that shoots Void debuffs on every fourth and sixteenth shot.

Deterministic Chaos

12. Go to the Hall of Heroes to pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for humanity.

13. Finally, Parting the Veil quest will show up in Destiny 2.

Parting the Vail

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It can be frustrating if you’re having trouble locating the Parting the Veil quest in Destiny 2. However, with this guide’s expertise and problem-solving strategies, you can conquer this issue and confidently continue your adventures. Assuming you have finished the main campaign, completing the Lightfall and Unfinished Business exotic quest should not pose a problem for accessing the Parting the Veil quest. However, if you still have some questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll be happy to help.

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