Overwatch 2 Character Ages: Here Is Everything You Have to Know

Find out your favorite Overwatch 2 characters' age, average age, and birthdays. 🎂


While some are curious to learn more about Overwatch 2 character ages, others are seeking explanations for some inconsistencies they found. We did some digging and came up with the complete list of characters, their age, and even birthday dates. Here is everything we know, almost a year after the initial game launch.

How old are Overwatch 2 characters?

Here is the list of all known Overwatch 2 characters and their age:

Character (A – Z)AgeBirthday 🎂
Ana62Jan 1
Ashe41Oct 1
Baptiste38Mar 12
Brigitte25Sep 22
Cassidy39Jul 31
D.Va21Jun 22
Doomfist47May 25
Echo14Feb 5
Genji37Oct 28
Hanzo40Nov 3
Illari18Dec 21
Junker Queen31Jun 14
Kiriko21Jul 7
Lifeweaver31Apr 28
Lúcio28Mar 20
Mei33Sep 5
Mercy39May 13
Moira50Apr 4
Orisa1May 9
Pharah34Apr 15
Ramattra28Mar 29
Reaper60Dec 14
Reinhardt63Jun 26
Roadhog50Sep 12
Sigma64Mar 15
Sojourn47Jan 12
Soldier: 7658Jan 27
Sombra32Dec 31
Symmetra30Oct 2
Tracer28Feb 17
Widowmaker35Nov 19
Winston31Jun 6
Wrecking Ball16Oct 15
Zarya30Dec 4
Zenyatta33Jul 14

The average age of Overwatch 2 characters is 35.75 years old.

Who is the oldest Overwatch 2 character?
The oldest Overwatch 2 character is Sigma (64). Dr. Siebren de Kuiper, aka Sigma, is an astrophysicist. As a pioneer in his field, he dedicated his life to harnessing the power of gravity.

Who is the youngest Overwatch 2 character?
The youngest Overwatch 2 character is Orisa (1). Although it is the city’s youngest protector, with the ability to attack from long-range and launch graviton charges, it is excellent against fighting multiple enemies simultaneously.

💡 The oldest and youngest Overwatch 2 characters (Sigma and Orisa) are in the Tank class.

Overwatch 2 character ages by class

If you are curious to see who are the youngest and oldest characters in Overwatch 2, check out the following list:

Class👶 Youngest character👴 Oldest character
Support ➕Illari (18)Ana (62)
Damage 🔫Echo (14)Reaper (60)
Tank 🛡Orisa (1)Sigma (64)

We also made some calculations and came up with the average age for Overwatch 2 characters by class:

ClassAverage character age
Support ➕34.5 years old
Damage 🔫37.33 years old
Tank 🛡34.72 years old

Overwatch 2 characters by birth month

Here is an exciting pie showing how many Overwatch 2 characters are born each month:

Bastion, a curious unit exploring the world and its nature, is the only character with an unknown birthday. Another interesting finding is that characters are born all around the year, but the only month without birthdays in Overwatch 2 is August!

🎆 New Year’s midnight happens between Sombra’s (December 31st) and Ana’s (January 1st) birthdays.

🛠 If you experience any technical issues with Overwatch 2, check out these articles:


In conclusion, Overwatch 2 character ages vary from 1 to 64. Some of the youngest Overwatch 2 characters are Orisa, Echo, Wrecking Ball, and Illari. On the other hand, the oldest characters in this first-person shooter are Reaper, Ana, Reinhardt, and Sigma.

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