Beginners Guide to Gaming: How to start playing video games


There are millions of desktop and console gamers all over the world. If you want to become a top gamer, it is never too late. The year 2020 seems a great year to sharpen your gaming skills and outdo your opponents.

If you’re new to the world of videogames on PC then it can seem like a very daunting place to start out. CD-ROMS are no longer, replaced by game codes and digital downloads, and there are now several different digital storefronts to download them from. But all of this change has also opened up gaming to more people than ever before. The past decade has seen huge improvements to accessibility and the sheer range of experiences on offer, ensuring that there’s a game for you, no matter what your budget or skill level is. There’s really no better time to get into playing videogames.

Like playing online casino games, you have to be extra smart to stand out from the rest of the pack. In this short article, we share with you some six proven ways to become an excellent gamer. Let’s jump straight to the point.

What you need

Gaming can be done so easily these days and requires little space if that’s an issue. What you will need is a PC, a console (Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo system), a Tablet or even a phone! There are lots of gaming Apps out there that are fantastic! And of course, you will also need games!

Whatever platform you choose to start gaming on, you can purchase them from pretty much anywhere. I’d recommend Game for any consoles, and I’d also say that console is the best way to experience games if you’re starting out and want to play a good variety.

If you’re going to play using a console you will also need a TV. Any TV will work but for the best experience, I would recommend a flat screen with full high definition.

If you’re feeling adventurous and know that you’re going to be playing games for a long time and want to be able to enjoy them to their full potential, I’d recommend buying a gaming PC. You’ll need a monitor that has a full HD display as well as a decent mouse and keyboard and for some games, you might want to buy a controller (A PlayStation or Xbox controller). You can find ones that are specially made to be played with on the PC for games that are easier to play using one rather than mouse and keyboard.

Set your goals

There is no doubt that setting your goals should be the first step you take to become the best in anything you do. Most professional gamers will agree with this; when you set your SMART goals and work on them, nothing can stop you on the way.

Meaning, as a beginner in gaming, you should look at your stats and compare them with others in the industry. This can help you realize where you stand now and take the right measures to push yourself up.

Take a look at the leaderboard and know where you rank. If you are not listed amongst the top 2%, then it’s true that you have a lot to work on yourself. Set some simple and measurable goals that you can achieve slowly as you boost your performance. For instance, if your current creep-scoring stands at 60 CS, you can aim at 80 or 90 in the next games you play.

Focus is the key

If you focus more on a game and show interest in it, you will eventually become a pro. Of course, it takes some time to beat the pros, but once you keep your eyes on the ball, you cannot miss it. If you get a role in a video game, you should focus more on it rather than trying to be smart on everything else.  

Put your mind on a specific role, like becoming the best mid-player. That is how it works. You have to focus more on what you want to grow for you to get there faster.

Join a team

Before you become a pro gamer, you must be a team player. Do you get the idea? When you join a team, you learn new skills and get to understand some hidden hacks that can help you improve your game knowledge in no time. 

When playing in a team, you won’t be competing against each other, and this gives you a perfect opportunity to learn more and master the different roles in the game. You can ask your teammates questions about the game and, most importantly, become a team player.

Choose the right game settings

You may be flopping on a game because you haven’t chosen the right settings to get the most scores. Don’t get it wrong. You should optimize your game settings so that you don’t have to re-learn anything that you have initially covered. 

Most pro gamers will advise you to set the lowest sensitivity level if you participate in a game that requires sharp aiming. With low sensitivity, you can easily make small adjustments when playing. However, where the game involves a lot of surprises and traversal, changing to a higher sensitivity can help you outdo your opponents faster. 

Have the right gaming gear

Sure, if you want to enjoy gaming and become a pro in it, you must invest in the right gear. When choosing your gears, the essential factor to consider is the equipment latency. 

Latency is how responsive the equipment is, or simply put, the delay between when the actions in the game occur and when you get to see or hear them. Your gears should have the lowest latency to boost your game experience. With a higher latency, your opponents can beat you before you even notice their movements. 

In most cases, latency may result in your equipment if there is a poor internet connection or your monitor lags a lot. You can get a wired keyboard and headphones to reduce the latency and enjoy your games. Avoid using a flashy mouse with higher DPI and go for those with more keys to boost your performance. 

With excellent gaming gear at your disposal, you can flatten your learning curve—however, it’s your effort and dedication to become the best gamer that matters.

Maintain your stamina

Becoming a pro gamer doesn’t mean you forget about your fitness and overall health. Most studies have linked gaming to lifestyle diseases such as obesity, arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases.

When sitting in front of your screen for hours gaming, you probably ignore physical exercise, which greatly affects your health. 

Since physical health is good for your mental function, you have to include less strenuous exercise like walking in your daily routine. It can help you improve your cognitive health, which is necessary to become a great gamer.

To become the best in gaming, you have to keep your head up and follow the six hacks we have shared here. Learn to enjoy your games, watch some professional streams, focus on specific roles, and don’t forget to practice a lot. This is the only way you become perfect at gaming. 

The best advice now you’re all set up is just to have fun with it. Play games at your own pace, don’t force games that you’re not enjoying (even if everyone says how wonderful they are).

Happy playing!

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