Best Husbands In Skyrim: 15 Top-Rated Options

Looking for love in Skyrim? Our guide reveals the best husbands in Skyrim to enhance your gaming experience!👰🤵


In this comprehensive guide, we embark on a quest to discover the best husbands in Skyrim, exploring the most revered and beloved partners this enchanting realm has to offer.

Whether you desire a rugged warrior, a skilled mage, or a gentle soul, our journey through these potential spouses will help you find the perfect companion to share your adventures and build a life within the land of the Nords.

Who is the best husband in Skyrim?💍

  1. Farkas
  2. Argis
  3. Vilkas
  4. Onmund
  5. Balimund
  6. Calder
  7. Marcurio
  8. Perth
  9. Ainethach
  10. Revyn Sadri
  11. Ghorbash
  12. Athis
  13. Filnjar
  14. Romlyn Dreth
  15. Sorex Vinius

1. Farkas

Farkas, the formidable Nordic Warrior and companion of the esteemed Jorrvaskr stands out as one of the best husbands in the enchanting world of Skyrim. Alongside his twin brother Vilkas, Farkas combines strength, charm, and loyalty to make him an ideal partner for the Dragonborn.

As a Blacksmith and a Master-level Heavy Armor skill trainer, Farkas brings not only his brawns but also his craftsmanship to the table.

Being a member of The Circle, Farkas possesses the incredible abilities of a Werewolf, making him an even more formidable ally in battles across Skyrim.

What truly sets Farkas apart is his warm and welcoming personality. Unlike his brother, he readily embraces the Dragonborn upon their arrival in Jorrvaskr.

However, his one drawback is his lack of a personal residence, as he typically rests in the Companion’s headquarters.

❤️Farkas Top Traits:

  • Strength, charm, and loyalty
  • Werewolf
  • Warm and welcoming personality
  • Soft spot for children

2. Argis

Argis the Bulwark is a Nordic warrior and emerges as an enticing marriage option in the land of Skyrim. The requirements for winning Argis’s heart are relatively straightforward.

First, becoming the Thane of Markarth is essential, a feat achieved by aiding five citizens of the city. Additionally, you’ll need to invest a sum of 8,000 gold to secure Vlindrel Hall, a residence renowned for its breathtaking beauty and luxury.

Beyond his rugged charm and handsome appearance, Argis the Bulwark is a seasoned warrior, ready to stand by your side in both domestic affairs and fierce battles. His combat prowess is a force to be reckoned with, with a level cap that soars up to Level 50.

With Argis, not only do you secure a powerful and devoted partner, but you also gain access to a lavish home that befits a Dragonborn.

Argis the Bulwark is the epitome of strength and companionship in Skyrim, making him an ideal choice for those seeking a spouse who excels in both combat and managing household affairs.

❤️Argis Top Traits:

  • Charm and handsome appearance
  • Incredibly strong
  • Wealth and status

3. Vilkas

Vilkas is a courageous Nordic warrior who calls the city of Whiterun his home. As a member of The Companions, he embodies the spirit of bravery and honor.

What sets Vilkas apart is his dual role as a Master at Arms and a member of The Circle, making him a highly respected figure in Jorrvaskr, their headquarters.

Vilkas becomes available as a marriage candidate after completing The Companions’ main questline.

His martial prowess is undeniable, and his status as a werewolf adds an intriguing layer to his character. If you’re seeking a strong and loyal partner, Vilkas is one of the best husbands for Skyrim you can go for.

❤️Vilkas Top Traits:

  • Loyalty and dedication
  • Exceptional combat skills
  • Brotherhood with the Companions

4. Onmund

Onmund is a talented Nordic mage who studies at the College of Winterhold. While Nords often distrust magic, Onmund’s presence at the college showcases his dedication to the arcane arts.

To access his companionship, join the College of Winterhold and complete his personal quest to retrieve his family heirloom.

Onmund’s charm lies in his relatability, as he shares his life experiences with the Dragonborn.

His versatility extends to his use of bows, making him one of the best Skyrim husbands for those who appreciate both magical and ranged combat abilities.

❤️Onmund Top Traits:

  • Intellectual prowess
  • Proficiency in magic
  • Compassionate nature

5. Balimund

Balimund, a skilled Nord blacksmith, operates The Scorched Hammer in Riften. His dedication to his craft is apparent, and he appreciates acquiring specific materials, such as Fire Salts.

Marrying Balimund provides not only access to his forge but also the opportunity to improve your Smithing proficiency.

He is an Expert-Level Smithing trainer, aiding you in reaching Smithing level 75 to craft superior weapons.

Despite not having a lavish home, marrying Balimund grants you full access to his shop, including valuable resources for crafting or selling.

❤️Balimund Top Traits:

  • Exceptional blacksmithing skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Reliable and supportive

6. Calder

Calder, a robust Nordic warrior, resides in the city of Windhelm and serves as your housecarl once you become the Thane of Eastmarch and acquire the Hjerim mansion.

His straightforward requirements for marriage make him an accessible choice. Nords are renowned for their combat skills, and Calder is no exception. He excels as a tanky physical damage dealer, complementing stealthy archer or mage builds.

His high HP levels ensure his durability in battles, and reaching level 50 allows him to keep up with your progress. By marrying Calder, you secure not only a beautiful mansion but also a reliable partner to accompany you on your adventures.

❤️Calder Top Traits:

  • Strong combat skills
  • Loyalty and dedication
  • Housecarl of Windhelm

7. Marcurio

Marcurio is an Imperial spell sword mercenary with a knack for Destruction magic. You can find this handsome mage sitting in Riften’s Bee and Barb Inn, an unlikely place for someone with his magical prowess.

Marcurio stands out as a marriage candidate due to his ease of recruitment—no special requirements are needed, just hire him as a follower for 500 gold.

Marrying Marcurio opens up the Bee and Barb Inn as your potential home. Beyond his magical abilities, he boasts unmatched knowledge of Dwemer culture and technology, making him one of Skyrim’s more intellectually inclined husbands.

His proficiency in shock and fire spells makes him a formidable companion in combat. Plus, he can level up to 40, ensuring that he remains a reliable ally throughout your adventures.

❤️Marcurio Top Traits:

  • Proficient in magic
  • Intelligence
  • Confident demeanor

8. Perth

Perth is a Breton miner and the leader of Karthwasten, a small settlement in The Reach. His occupation involves managing the Sanuarach Mine, where he quarrels with Silver-Blood mercenaries attempting to seize his mine as repayment for a favor.

Intervening and convincing the mercenaries to leave the mine earns you Perth’s favor. You should also avoid killing The Gourmet’s helpers, Voada and Rondach, in the Recipe for Disaster quest, as they are revealed to be Perth’s children.

While Perth may not be the most handsome suitor, his marriage comes with unique benefits. By marrying Perth, you can reside in Karthwasten Hall, a spacious house filled with items that continually respawn. It is an opportunity to accumulate wealth by selling these constantly regenerating items.

❤️Perth Top Traits:

  • Strong work ethic
  • Down-to-earth personality
  • Reliability

9. Ainethach

Ainethach is another Breton, this time serving as the leader of Karthwasten. His occupation revolves around the ownership of the Sanuarach Mine, which becomes a point of contention with Silver-Blood mercenaries.

He may not possess rugged good looks, but his marriage offers unique advantages. Marrying Ainethach allows you to move into Karthwasten Hall, a spacious residence teeming with items that respawn regularly. For those who value a comfortable home and financial success, Ainethach makes a practical choice.

❤️Ainethach Top Traits:

  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Family-oriented
  • Responsible

10. Revyn Sadri

Revyn Sadri is one of the best Skyrim husbands, serving as the sole proprietor of Sadri’s Used Wares.

He lives an honest lifestyle and strictly refuses to deal with stolen goods, harboring a particular disdain for thieves.

To earn Revyn’s favor, you must discreetly return Viola’s Gold Ring, an item he believes to be stolen. Returning it directly to Viola will negatively impact Revyn’s business and your relationship with him.

Marrying Revyn grants you access to his shop as a potential home. As a merchant, he offers a unique range of wares, making him an excellent choice for early-game husbands.

❤️Revyn Sadri Top Traits:

  • Charismatic
  • Cunning and resourceful
  • Speech trainer

11. Ghorbash

Ghorbash the Iron Hand is an Orc Warrior residing in Dushnikh Yal’s Orc Stronghold, situated in The Reach. He holds a unique position in the tribe as the brother of its chieftain and a renowned warrior who once served the Imperial Legion.

Convincing Ghorbash to leave his tribe and join you requires either paying his dowry or engaging in a brawl, emerging victorious. Once you have earned his favor and he agrees to follow you, marriage becomes an option.

Ghorbash proves to be an exceptional traveling companion, boasting tanky attributes as a physical damage dealer. He complements stealthy archer or mage builds and can withstand more damage thanks to his high HP.

❤️Ghorbash Top Traits:

  • Strong sense of honor
  • Proficient in combat
  • Strength and reliability

12. Athis

Athis is a skilled Bosmer archer and a member of The Companions, residing in Jorrvaskr in Whiterun. As part of The Companions, Athis participates in various quests and can be selected as your shield-brother during several of these adventures.

His affiliation with The Companions means that recruiting him as a follower or marriage candidate only becomes possible after completing the main questline.

Athis’ archery skills make him a valuable addition to your adventures. His ability to use bows and arrows allows for a versatile combat strategy, ranging from ranged attacks to close-quarters combat.

As a potential husband, Athis combines his martial prowess with a commitment to supporting your character on their journey.

❤️Athis Top Traits:

  • Proficient archer
  • Loyal to the Companions
  • Skilled in combat

13. Filnjar

Filnjar is a miner by trade who owns and operates the town’s Redbelly Mine. When you first encounter him, you’ll witness him embroiled in an argument with Silver-Blood mercenaries. They are trying to force him to sell his mine as repayment for a favor.

To gain Filnjar’s favor, you must intervene and persuade the Silver-Blood thugs to leave the mine. Additionally, you must refrain from harming The Gourmet’s helpers, Voada and Rondach, in the Recipe for Disaster quest, as they are revealed to be Filnjar’s children.

Despite not being the most dashing character, marrying Filnjar is a strategic choice. By marrying him, you gain access to Karthwasten Hall, an exceptional residence. This spacious home contains multiple items that respawn repeatedly, allowing you to accumulate substantial wealth by selling the reappearing items.

❤️Filnjar Top Traits:

  • Exceptional blacksmithing skills
  • Modest and down-to-earth
  • Reliability

14. Romlyn Dreth

Romlyn Dreth serves as the owner and proprietor of the New Gnisis Cornerclub. His lifestyle revolves around managing the Cornerclub, making him a potentially lucrative husband.

To win Romlyn’s favor, you must assist him in a specific way during the main quest, The White Phial. He can become a potential spouse after the completion of this quest.

Romlyn may not be the most heroic or renowned character in Skyrim, but he offers unique advantages. Marrying him allows you to reside in the New Gnisis Cornerclub, which serves as a potential home. Moreover, Romlyn’s daily activities in the cornerclub generate profits, providing you with a consistent source of income.

❤️Romlyn Dreth Top Traits:

  • Charismatic and street-smart
  • Connections in Riften’s Underworld
  • Merchant in Riften

15. Sorex Vinius

Sorex Vinius, a Breton who lives in Dragon Bridge, operates the Four Shields Tavern. As the tavern’s owner, he leads a life centered around the management of his establishment.

To win Sorex’s heart, you must engage in the quest “Tending the Flames” of the Bard’s College storyline. Completing this quest enables you to propose marriage to him.

Sorex Vinius may not possess the same martial prowess or distinctive abilities as other characters in Skyrim. Nevertheless, he provides a unique benefit as a husband.

By marrying him, you gain access to the Four Shields Tavern as a potential home. This establishment generates daily profits, ensuring a steady income for your character.

While Sorex Vinius may not be the most renowned spouse, his financial contributions make him a practical choice for those looking to increase their wealth in Skyrim.

❤️Sorex Vinius Top Traits:

  • Tavern owner in Solitude
  • Charismatic and sociable
  • Connections in Solitude

Who is the best possible wife in Skyrim?👑

Skyrim boasts a diverse array of candidates to consider for the coveted title of the “best possible wife”. Below you can find some of the most popular options among worldwide players:

  • Taarie
  • Muiri
  • Camilla Valerius

Who is the unkillable spouse in Skyrim?🛡️

There are two spouses in Skyrim that are considered unkillable:

  • Mjoll the Lioness is a Nord warrior who can be found in Riften. She is a member of the Thieves Guild and is essential to the Thieves Guild questline.
  • Serana is a vampire who can be found in the Dawnguard questline. She is essential to the Dawnguard quest line and cannot be killed by the player.

All other spouses in Skyrim can be killed by the player, either accidentally or intentionally. However, if a spouse is killed, they can be resurrected by using a console command or by using a mod.

Even though Mjoll and Serana are considered unkillable, they can still be harmed by enemies. If they are harmed, they will go into a wounded state and will need to be healed. However, they will not die.

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In the diverse and immersive world of Skyrim, finding the best husband is a personal journey that aligns with your character’s aspirations and preferences.

As the Dragonborn, you possess the power to shape your destiny, both in combat and in love. Whether you seek a loyal companion to journey through the wilds of Skyrim or a skilled craftsman to enhance your adventures, the choices are vast and exciting.

Our exploration of the top-rated husbands in Skyrim has hopefully shed light on the qualities and characteristics that resonate with your desires.

Remember, it’s not just about maximizing benefits; it’s also about forging a connection that enriches your role-playing experience.

So, take your time, get to know these remarkable characters, and choose the partner who will stand by your side as you conquer this legendary land.

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