Century: Age Of Ashes Codes [Gamer’s Guide For 2023]

Explore our comprehensive guide to discover everything you need to know about Century: Age of Ashes latest codes!🎮


Our comprehensive guide is your key to navigating the world of Century: Age of Ashes codes in 2023.

If you’re eager to enhance your gaming experience and unlock exciting rewards, you’ve come to the right place, as this guide will be your main support to master your gameplay.

While there might not be active codes right now, stay tuned, as we’re here to keep you updated on any new codes that may emerge.

How to get free gems in Century: Age of Ashes?🆓

In Century: Age of Ashes, Gems serve as the game’s secondary currency. You can acquire Gems either by leveling up every five levels or by purchasing them using real money from the in-game Shop.

As a premium currency, Gems hold value and can be utilized to acquire various items and skins available in the Shop. Notably, certain exclusive items are solely attainable through the use of Gems.

What are the Century: Age of Ashes codes for 2023?🚀

Regrettably, there are currently no active codes, as all previously available ones have expired. However, we expect the release of additional codes in the near future.

To stay updated, be sure to revisit our website periodically. We’re committed to maintaining an up-to-date list of the latest codes, so consider bookmarking us and checking back regularly for fresh additions.

Until then, we suggest checking the list of the expired codes:

  • 🏆7UPK-GP4V-99K5-AAU6-ADKU: Free Profile Title (The Pioneer)
  • 🌟A7G0H8S03HFVX9SKFNVC: Free Epic Reward
  • 😀KXT92-GXCJ3-KPXPK-QYQDD-2TK3Z: The Century Perk
  • 🐉NA6Y-HJK3-VC36-CBGL-AAGC: Free Epic Dragon (Alfijder Gardens)

How do I redeem my Century: Age of Ashes Codes? 🎁

  1. Launch the game.
  2. From the top menu, click on the Shop option.
  3. Now, look at the menu’s bottom, then choose to Redeem a Code.
  4. Copy and paste any active code.
  5. Click on the Redeem button and enjoy your free reward!

How do I get more free codes?🕹️

  • 📅🕵️‍♂️Visit Our Guide Regularly: Don’t forget to regularly check our dedicated Century: Age of Ashes code guide. We strive to provide the latest working codes, and we update our guide whenever new codes are released or existing ones expire. Bookmark our guide and check it often for new codes and updates.
  • 📲👀Follow the Official Accounts: Keep an eye on the official social media accounts of Century: Age of Ashes, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other platforms they use. Game developers often release codes through these channels as part of promotions or events. Turn on notifications to stay updated.
  • 🎮🎙️Join the Official Discord Server: Many game developers maintain Discord servers for their communities. Joining Century: Age of Ashes’ official Discord server may grant you access to exclusive codes that are shared with the community. Developers often engage with players there.
  • 🎯🏆Participate in In-Game Events: Keep an eye out for special in-game events and updates. Sometimes, these events offer codes as rewards for completing challenges, participating in tournaments, or achieving specific milestones within the game.

What are all the game modes in Century: Age of Ashes?🔍

The game currently offers players access to three 6 versus 6 game modes:

  • 🔥Gates of Fire – This is a thrilling game mode in Century: Age of Ashes that resembles the classic “capture the flag” gameplay. In this mode, two teams compete to capture and control specific objective points on the map.
  • 🌀Carnage – This is an action-packed team deathmatch game mode in Century: Age of Ashes. In this mode, two teams face off against each other with the sole objective of eliminating as many enemy dragons as possible.
  • ⚔️Spoils of War – This is a unique and engaging game mode introduced to Century: Age of Ashes. This mode adds an exciting layer of depth to the gameplay. In Spoils of War, players compete in intense aerial battles to collect valuable dragon eggs and deliver them to designated drop-off points.

💡Tips to master your gameplay:

  • Practice Different Classes: Experiment with various dragon classes available in the game. Each class has unique abilities and playstyles.
  • Aim and Precision: Aiming is crucial in Century: Age of Ashes. Practice your accuracy and precision in targeting opponents, especially during aerial combat. The better your aim, the more damage you can inflict.
  • Teamwork: Communication and teamwork are vital in team-based game modes. Coordinate with your teammates using voice chat or in-game chat to plan strategies and target priority.
  • Master Special Abilities: Each dragon has unique special abilities. Learn how to use these abilities effectively to gain an advantage in battle.
  • Map Awareness: Familiarize yourself with the game’s maps and objectives.
  • Evasion and Maneuvering: Learning how to evade enemy attacks and maneuver your dragon is crucial. Practice dodging, barrel rolls, and quick turns to become a difficult target for opponents.
  • Upgrade and Customize: Invest time in upgrading and customizing your dragons. Choose the upgrades and skins that complement your playstyle and give you an edge in combat.
  • Play Different Game Modes: Explore all available game modes to gain experience and improve your skills. Each mode offers unique challenges and strategies.

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In the realm of Century: Age of Ashes, the winds of change may bring forth new codes at any moment. While we may not have active codes to share with you today, remember that the gaming world is ever-evolving.

Keep your eyes peeled, and be sure to check our guide regularly. We’re dedicated to providing you with the latest codes as soon as they’re released, ensuring you’re always ready to embark on thrilling adventures and secure valuable rewards in Century: Age of Ashes.

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