How to Get New Skins in CSGO: Best Ways to Get Them Free

If you're looking for the best ways to get new skins in CSGO, stay on this page! With our suggestions, you can get them for free! 🚀


The skins are exclusive features of CSGO, but they are completely cosmetic and hold no functions in the game. However, keep in mind that getting new skins help in gaining a reputation in the game.

You can get new skin by opening containers like souvenir packages and weapon cases, by buying skins, by trading, and from online communities.

You should buy a new skin in CSGO, considering certain factors. Now, let’s discover them all.

Skin Grade

The first topic we need to discuss is skin grades. In CSGO, these are determined by their rarity.

  • The white grade is the most common out of all. White is the color used to represent Consumer Grade skins in CS: GO. Therefore, these skins have the lowest value and they are often simple and plain in design.
  • The baby blue grade is a pretty uncommon grade. Baby Blue is used to represent Industrial Grade skins in CS: GO. These are a step up from Consumer Grade skins and are slightly rare. They often have more intricate designs and details.
  • The navy blue grade is rare and high grade. Navy Blue is used to represent Mil-Spec Grade skins in CS: GO. These are even rarer than Industrial Grade skins and are often more desirable due to their unique designs and higher-quality artwork.
  • The purple-grade skins are mythical, remarkable, and restricted. Purple is used to represent Restricted Grade skins in CS: GO. These are much rarer than the previous three grades and are often considered to be extremely valuable. They usually feature very detailed and intricate designs and can be quite beautiful to look at.
  • The hot pink grade is classified as legendary and exotic. Hot Pink is used to represent Classified Grade skins in CS: GO.
  • The red-grade skins are covert, ancient, and extraordinary. Red is used to represent Covert Grade skins in CS: GO. These skins are incredibly rare and valuable. They often feature very unique and intricate designs and are highly sought-after by players.
  • The gold-grade skins are exceedingly rare and special. Gold is used to represent Legendary Grade skins in CS: GO. Thus, these are the rarest and most valuable skins in the game and are incredibly difficult to obtain. They often feature very unique and beautiful designs and are highly coveted by players.

Keep in mind that the rose gold grades are immortal.

To discover more about all of the above skin grades, make sure you visit the CSGO skins page.

Weapon quality

The StratTrak gives the quality of the weapon. It tracks the kills the owner does. You should open the weapon cases to get the StratTrak quality weapons. 

Skin Properties

Look at the skin properties before getting the new skins in CSGO. You can choose the skin properties based on the following:

Wear Rating or float value

The float value of the skin determines its wear rating. If the float value is less, the wear rating is high. The float value of the skin never changes. Also, it does not degrade over time.

Additionally, you have to note that the float value of the skin cannot be changed after it enters the market.

The different float values are as follows:

  • Factory New: 0 to 0.07: Currently, this is the best wear-rating skin in the game. With this type of skin, the weapon looks freshly made. 
  • Field Tested: 0.15 to 0.37
  • Minimal wear: 0.07 to 0.15: This skin is popular for its affordable prices.
  • Battle-scarred: 0.44 to 1
  • Well worn: 0.37 to 0.44: These are not very good-looking. However, they are cheap. These skins are ideal for players who do not want to invest more money. 

Pattern Template

The pattern template determines the finished style of the skin. The information on the pattern template is stored in the pattern index. Keep in mind that the index values are between 1 and 1000.

Skin finishes

There are different skin finishes. They are solid color, spray paint, hydrographic, anodized, anodized airbrushed, anodized multicolored, Patina, custom paint, and gunsmith.

The solid color skins are painted with 4 colors. The spray paint skins have multiple coats and carry stencil patterns. The hydrographic skin sticks to the weapon parts and has a unique pattern.

The anodized skin looks like a candy coat. There are anodized airbrushed skins that can be applied with freehand brushes. The patina skins form a metallic part and the metal is non-reactive.

What is the best way to get new skins in CSGO?

If you’re wondering what is the best way to get new skins in CSGO, keep in mind that purchasing them from the Steam Community Market or opening cases with keys are the most convenient options you can try.

Still, do not forget that both of these solutions require money. In case you need to get skins without spending money, we recommend going for giveaways or tradings with others.

How to get new skins in CSGO for free?

You can get free CSGO skins in four ways. They are as follows:

Play the game for weekly drops

You can get free CSGO skins by playing the game. While playing the game, you get drops. Each week you get two drops. When you play the game, your level increases. As you level up, you get new skins for $0.03. Remember that by getting these items you can then sell your CSGO skins.


You can get new skins by taking part in giveaways. Some of the Youtubers, CSGO streamers will give away free CSGO skins to boost their popularity. You should subscribe to their channels to get new skins. 

From websites

Getting new skins from websites is one of the most common and easiest ways. However, you need to be careful and pay close attention to the websites. You may get free skins from these websites by watching videos, Finishing surveys, and doing other tasks. 

Learn the varieties

There are three general varieties of CSGO skins. They are Normal, Stat-trak, and Souvenir. Most of the skins belong to the normal variety.

The Stat-trak and souvenir skins are rare. If you like to show off, then you should definitely buy Stat-trak and souvenir skins.

The Stat-trak functions like strange weapons. All three varieties differ in their wear value. Based on the grade, the skins are separated into minimal wear, factory new, field-tested, and battle-scarred, well-worn. 

Tips to get a new skin in CSGO

  • Keep an eye on the market. Check the popular websites selling the skin you want to buy. The skin prices change from time to time. The costs can go up and down within a few hours. 
  • The best way to learn about the real prices of the skin is by searching for it in community markets. 
  • It is good to buy the skins during sales. 


The CSGO allows you to apply four stickers of your choice. The stickers can be animals, old-school pinups, or monsters. So you can always buy plain-looking skin. This is because there is a wide range of customization options. 

CSGO Skin Wear Guide

A well-designed and unique skin makes you stand out in the crowd. They add personality to the character. So before buying a skin, you should learn a few factors.

Skin condition is one of the biggest factors you need to know before buying skin. The skin condition is determined by the wear level and float. The skins with higher float values are more scratched than those with lower float values

The float value of the skin is essential to the trading community. The value helps in differentiating the skins from the same group. The rare skins are expensive and are in better condition. 

There is a misconception that the wear rate or the float value decreases as you use the skin. This is not so. The float value of the skin does not change throughout its life. 

How to check the float value?

Go to inventory and click on the “View Item” button. You will see the float value just below the description. Also, the float value is featured at the bottom of every skin. 

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We hope that this guide will be your main support when it comes to getting new skins in CS: GO.

In case you face any additional questions, make sure you leave a comment in the section below and we’ll reply as fast as possible.

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