Dead Space Remake PS5 Major Graphical Issues Potential Fixes

Low resolution is Dead Space Remake on PS5? Until we wait for devs updates, follow the steps to increase the graphic performance


Dead Space Remake’s highly anticipated release on the PS5 has been met with disappointment from players due to the game’s major graphical issues. Low resolution and poor texture, as well as visual issues, have been reported for the PS5. Players have expressed their dissatisfaction on social media about the low texture quality, which significantly reduces the entire gameplay experience.

The PS5 graphics fault has been noted by the developer who is working on a fix. Players are encouraged to hold off on having great expectations for the PS5 version’s visuals and performance. Although it is currently unknown when a fix will be introduced, the game’s creator has reassured gamers that they are dedicated to enhancing PS5 performance.

How to potentially fix the Dead Space Remake PS5 graphics bug?

  1. Restarting the console can frequently fix small bugs and performance problems.
  2. Check for updates: Verify that the PS5’s operating system is the most recent version. Check for updates by going to Settings > System > System Software.
  3. Clear the cache: Doing so can enhance performance and fix visual problems. Go to Settings > Storage > Extended Storage > Game Data > Dead Space Remake > Delete.
  4. Verify your internet connection: Performance and graphic problems may result from a poor or inconsistent internet connection. Go to Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection to check your connection.
  5. Reinstall the game: If none of the aforementioned measures work to fix the problem, consider reinstalling the game. Go to Settings > Storage > Extended Storage > Game Data > Dead Space Remake > Delete, then download the game again from the PlayStation Store.
  6. Check for hardware problems: If none of the methods above work, there might be a hardware issue. For more help, try contacting PlayStation Support.


Last but not least, the PlayStation 5 has received kudos for its powerful technology and amazing graphics, however, some users have mentioned having Dead Space Remake PS5 graphics bug. Players can, however, take a few easy measures to improve performance and resolve these problems by following the mentioned steps above.

It is important to note that the developers are aware of these problems and are actively working to fix them. Players can take these actions to enhance their gaming experience while still playing their favorite game on the PlayStation 5 in the meantime.

If you’re struggling with the Dead Space Remake performance issues on your PC, make sure to read our latest article on how to increase your FPS.

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