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If you like survival horror games, Dead Space Remake is one of the best fits for your taste. The action takes place in a futuristic dystopian world on a mining spaceship full of deadly creatures. You play as the space engineer Isaac Clarke as he tries to discover the secret of the ship while staying alive.

The game is amazing, and it is a fresh remake of the original Dead Space with added gameplay functions like voice lines and new game mechanics. However, even if it is a remake of an old game, this doesn’t mean that the game is problem-free. In fact, players discovered a multitude of issues like game errors, functionality failures, and so on.

The most frequently encountered problems are related to the game’s general functionality. PS5 users encountered major Graphic Issues, while gamers playing on other devices discovered frame drops, crashes, launch failures, and more. In spite of that, all of the problems mentioned above have their fixes. We will start by answering the most frequent question, and then we will add the problems and their fixes to a list below.

How do you fix Dead Space Remake stutters?

To fix Dead Space Remake stutters, first check your system requirements, then upgrade your drivers, especially your GPU, and if it doesn’t work, try to increase the system paging size, verify game files, or, as a last resort, reinstall the game.

Crashing and Functionality Problems

Performance-related Issues

Game Errors

Dead Space Remake Play Station 5 Errors

We hope that the solutions above have fixed your game and that the only things left for you to face are the creatures from the game. To make it easier for you to discover fixes and solutions, make sure to bookmark our page, as we will update it frequently with new fixes for emerging problems.