How to fix Call of Duty Advanced Warfare CPU Error ‘Your CPU does not meet the minimum specification’

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Because many players reported to encounter this Call of Duty Advanced Warfare CPU Error: ‘Your CPU does not meet the minimum specification‘ we released a tutorial on how to fix it so that you can play the game even if you have a dual-core CPU.It is easy to fix this error you just need to replace a file from the installation folder of the game, you can see a download link for the file and how to replace it below.This fix will work for the official game from Steam or for the torrented version of the game.

Your CPU does not meet the minimum specification for running Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

“I keep getting this error when trying to start MULTIPLAYER. My CPU is clearly over the minimum specs (Running a G3258 at 4.0GHz) but the game will not even start. This really shouldn’t even be an issue. My CPU runs any other game just fine. I just want to find a workaround that will let me play the game without having to drive to Microcenter and buy an i5..”

How to fix Call of Duty Advanced Warfare CPU Error ‘Your CPU does not meet the minimum specification’:

Try this solution below:

Find config file, it is located here:

\Call of Duty Advanced Warfare\players2\config.cfg

one thing I noticed was:

seta r_videoMemoryScale “0.85”

I changed this to

seta r_videoMemoryScale “1”

and now the game detects/uses my full 3gig of VRAM, whereas before it detected 2.5 gigs

Have fun playing the game after you fixed the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare CPU Error and if you encounter any errors please contact us with a comment below and we will help you.

To fix the single players CPU error, use this files here and copy them into your game folder:

If you have other errors or crashes please read this tutorial here: How to fix Call of Duty Advanced Errors

If you are looking for a tutorial on how to fix your errors in the new CoD check this here: How to Fix Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Errors, Crashes, Freezes, Performance Issues: Low FPS, Lag

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  1. DrunkM98 says

    I have an AMD Athlon II Dual Core and this fixed my game, now i can start and play it!

    1. Junaid says

      Tell me please what exactly you did…

  2. Rondal says

    I did the fix for single player but I am having the same issue with multiplayer. Is there a fix for that?

  3. AndrewS says

    I have a dual-core CPU will this fix my game and i will be able to start it?

    1. Denis says

      Yes, follow the solution in the post.

  4. Mooger says

    Thank you it worked for my CPU!

  5. Brendan says

    Finally i can play with my friends.

  6. JakobF says

    I heard next year they’ll add jetpacks.

  7. FlowCarp says

    Really enjoying the campaign..

  8. Arifur says

    Just finished it. I thought it was alright (I say that in a more enthusiastic tone than negative). I’m probably not in the majority on this, but I liked it more than the Black Ops games, but not as much as the Modern Warfare games.This patch helped with the CPU error!

  9. ManinBlack says

    The load times on the PC version are ridiculous. It takes around 5 minutes to load up a level

  10. reacter says

    I hadn’t had any problems, but I just finished the campaign on Veteran and no trophies unlocked. Thought it was weird so I went to chapter select and now it says only 3 chapters have been complete :/

  11. baddd-B says

    I have a physical copy of the game, and I have very good Internet but this install has been going on for almost 13 hours now and multiplayer isn’t unlocked yet. I’m just saying that this problem isn’t only affecting digital buyers.

  12. immy says

    I have a good solution…. lets not buy this game so they can learn the lesson

  13. JakobFrance says

    Is this another release of another unfinished game?
    It happened to NHL 2015. My game played fine until EA decided to update it this week.

  14. jose says

    How to fix… bring back to store buy a better game.

  15. Mason says

    Anyone else having a trouble with the title update? i downloaded the game ok now the title update is having problems

  16. Mikle says

    Is there gonna be some kind of recompense to those who paid and downloaded Day Zero and didn’t get the benefit that was promised?

  17. Rocknald says

    Someone said that you zombies will be included in the future dlc but is not in the season pass right now. Can someone confirm please!

  18. Sendin says

    Finally something that fixes my game, now i can play it

  19. 2fast4u says

    I have a 1080p screen, but i can only run games in 720p due to hardware limitations, but whenever i try to run the game in 720p it doesn’t fullscreen, instead it puts black bars around the window it runs in. any fixes for it to run fullscreen?

    1. Denis says

      We’re going to test some fixes and tell you how to fix this error, we will come with an update here in a few days for your problem!

  20. Uver says

    Having this error for days, hope this works!

  21. sara says

    I have an intel core 2 duo core 1.86ghz and my game worked with this patch!

  22. alexR says

    hey i want a help!. my pc is core 2 duo but i cant run COD AW. Error-Your CPU does not meet the minimum specification for running call of duty Advanced warfare. how do i fix it ?

  23. hey says

    I just have a weird problem I cant play because its asking for the steam to be running sighhhh

  24. vinod says

    when i open cod aw i select champion mode after intro is teling error insufficient free disk space..and i was maked the drive 150gb again it is teling error.pls anyone help me!!!

  25. Lisa says

    I have the game disc’s loaded what need to be loaded we are not on Xbox live. My son played the game then when he went to play again all it did was flash cod aw. I uninstalled and reinstalled and the same thing. Some one please help he is 9 a big fan of the game he has them all and now he is very upset!!

  26. Ansuman says

    Can i run it on
    Processor-Intel Pentium G2020 2.9 GHZ
    Ram-4gb DDR3
    GPU-Intel graphics 2500 of 2gb memory and DX11 supports

  27. shivdayal Sharma says

    I have a dual core CPU + 2 GB ram + 2 GB graphic but I can’t play cod aw

  28. Priyank Chauhan says

    Use ‘codex’ crack it really works

  29. alishan says

    sir i have 4gb and this game required 6gb ram how i fix it?

    1. Denis says

      You can look on google for a patch that fixes this error or you can buy another 2 GB and add to your PC.

  30. lovely ali says

    Your CPU does not meet the minimum specification cod awf how can i fix dis problem ??????

  31. lovely ali says

    i have core 2due 3ghz 6gb ram and 1gb gaming card AMD radeon

  32. samrat sengupta says

    Still not working some error is showing like file dose not exit ,, my CPU is Core 2 duo E8600 3.33 Ghz

    1. samrat sengupta says

      Please try to resolve this issue when I click s1_sp64_ship , The application was unable to start correctly ( 0x0000142 ) click OK to close the application.

  33. shubham says

    Hey ! , I couldn’t find this location…… Is there any other location for this

    1. Denis says

      Hello, what do you mean by location? Can you detail a little bit? Do you mean the folder location of the game?

  34. Advanced Warfare Save Game says

    Thanks for the info , you saved my ass 🙂

  35. senta says

    Hey ! , I couldn’t find this location.Call of Duty Advanced Warfare\players2\config.cfg …… Is there any other location for this

  36. arrrrrron says

    before i can play this game, but after several weeks its suddenly not fuckking working like that . My laptop obviously can play this game though? help me fix this

    1. arrrrrron says

      and how to change the seta r_videoMemoryScale “0.85”? using what exactly?

  37. Reza says

    Hey pls hlp me. When I launched the game and then i clicked campaign ,the screen is went blank but the sound is still running ,I’ve tried to change the config but it keeps set itself to deafault setting .pls help me ,I don’t know wht to do.i want to play this game so badly.

  38. Sachith says

    sir, i have a problem of cod iw. problem is wrecks that have stuck to load preloading to fix this sir? my pc detail- core 2 quad q8300 2.5Ghz, 6Gb DDR3 Ram, 2Gb giga byte AMD Radeon R7 240 OC

  39. Hardeepsinh says

    Link broken for download for single player

  40. Milad says

    hey. i exactly have the same problem and i wanted to solve the problem with your solution but i faced another one! there is no players2 folder and config.cfg file in my games folder at all! here is the screen :

  41. reza says

    my flie was auto 1 and i changed that to .085 but not worked…please help meeee i have a dual core cpu

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