Football Manager 2023 Lower League Tips [Guide]

Improve your lower league management skills in Football Manager 2023 with our tips. 🏆


Do you want to take your small club to new heights and easily dominate the lower league by mastering advanced Football Manager 2023 strategies and tips? Managing lower league teams can be challenging if you’re used to dealing with high level teams or are new to this game. But don’t worry; we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of expert tips to help you succeed in your upcoming lower league endeavor in Football Manager 2023.

How to best set your manager profile

When beginning your journey as a football manager, it is crucial to establish a strong manager profile to give yourself an advantage from the very start. Particularly for lower league teams, resources for coaching can often be limited. Therefore, we highly recommend focusing on developing your goalkeeping and fitness proficiencies, as they will allow you to make a significant impact on training and free up your coaches to concentrate on other crucial areas. Additionally, as working with young players is a fundamental aspect of your role, it is essential to prioritize enhancing your working with youngsters to excel in this area.

Football Manager 2023 Profile

How to choose the best tactics

In Football Manager 2023 lower leagues, it’s best to keep your tactical approach simple based on the players you have. This means using a basic formation, like the commonly used 4-4-2, and avoiding overly specific player roles or extensive individual training instructions. Since players in these leagues typically have low Work Rate Attributes, they may struggle to follow too many instructions and make costly mistakes in attempting to do so. If your tactics are ineffective, it’s best to try one of your other tactics rather than frequently switching them during a game. This can confuse the players and make it difficult for them to cope. However, changing tactics for cup games can often be successful as your opponents may be familiar with your standard approach.

Football Manager 2023 Tactics

How to make a player selection

Remember their recent performance when choosing players for a game, but also give room for the occasional off-game. At the start of the season, use player ratings as a foundation for selection and make a point to rotate the squad to provide backup players with an opportunity to showcase their abilities, especially in cup matches or friendlies. Follow the recommended training routine to keep your players fit and prevent overworking. If a player lacks fitness, consider playing them in lower squads or organizing friendlies to help them maintain their match fitness.

Pay attention to training

To succeed in football training, focusing on improving your attributes, mastering tactics and positions, managing your team’s morale and cohesion, and keeping an eye on fatigue is essential. For those playing in the lower leagues with a part-time team, consider including Ground Defense, Aerial Defense Chance Conversion, or Chance Creation in your training plans. Doing so gives you more time to hone your skills and perfect your game. Switch from attacking movement to Chance Conversion if you’re not scoring enough goals. And if your opponents are mainly scoring from headers, adjust your defensive training to focus on Aerial Defense. Keep pushing yourself and your team; you’ll reach your goals quickly!

Football Manager 2023 Training

Keep an eye on your budget

Success in lower-league management depends on effective financial management. To maximize your resources, consider reviewing your Scouting Package and focusing on nearby divisions. By offering short-term contracts to players and avoiding long-term deals with those who may not meet the requirements of higher divisions, you can ensure a significant turnover in the squad for the first few seasons. Remember, the goal is to secure promotion after promotion, so it’s important not to get too attached to players and prioritize financial gains. And when transfer offers do come, capitalize on them to further your success. Remember these strategies, and you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals as a manager.

Choose the best tactics for scouting

You may not have access to top-tier scouts when starting in the lower divisions. However, utilizing the trial system can still make the most of what you have. It’s a great way to learn about players’ attributes through training, and it won’t cost you a thing. Not only will this reduce the workload of your scouts, but it will also allow them to focus on long-term goals. So don’t be discouraged – with the right approach, you can build a winning team from the ground up!

Football Manager 2023 Inbox

⚽ Extra tips for lower league team management in Football Manager 2023:

  • Consider mentoring (from experienced players) to assist your younger players.
  • Clubs partnering in affiliate links benefit both parties. Juniors get top young players on loan without paying wages, while seniors provide quality match experience for their prospects with a trusted partner.
  • In lower leagues with a limited budget, use filters to find talented players without a team, including hidden gems and young prospects. They can be a great bargain.

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Are you ready to embark on an incredible journey by managing a lower-league football team in Football Manager 2023? This game will challenge your strategic skills and determination as you guide your club towards success on the pitch. You can take your team from the bottom to the top with patience, wise decision-making, and a keen eye for talent. Follow our tips and prove yourself a world-class manager on the ultimate football journey.

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