How To Catch Tuna in Dave The Diver [Easy Guide]

Try catching a Tuna in Dave the Diver if you're into fishing. 🐟


This indie game, Dave The Diver by MINTROCKET, is a delightful gem. Dave The Diver was released on 28 June for PC, and you can find it on Steam. Video game visionaries crafted Dave the Diver with a pure love of fun. It seamlessly blends various genres, making it both addictive and stylish. The mix of fishing, deep-sea exploration, and restaurant management is surprisingly successful. The world beneath the ocean surface holds a plethora of fascinating and unique discoveries, ranging from dangerous to breathtaking. Dave the Diver advocates for exploring and hunting all of them and serving in a restaurant. Despite its seemingly straightforward nature capturing Tuna is no easy feat in Dave the Diver. These speedy, formidable fish prove challenging to catch and resist harpooning, but techniques are available for catching Tuna in Dave the Diver.

How To Catch Tuna in Dave the Diver

Capturing Tuna is a challenging endeavor. Typically, Tuna swims in groups, rendering your Harpoon useless against them. It is a time-consuming process to catch the fish and diminish the quality of its meat. Here are some methods how you can catch Tuna:

  1. Harpoon or other guns
  2. Steel Net Sensor Traps
  3. Steel Net Gun

1. Harpoon or other guns

In the game, the harpoon gun serves as your primary weapon. With unlimited shots, you can easily shoot and reel in fish to take them to the sushi restaurant. The gun’s base level inflicts 4 damage but can be upgraded to cause more damage. Moreover, by searching the caches in the Blue Hole, you can acquire harpoon tips that will add different effects to your targets when hit. It’s essential to master the art of shooting and gathering Tuna. Aim for the vital areas of the fish to ensure a smooth capture. Practicing your aim and timing is crucial, as Tuna is known for their quick and elusive nature. Since Tuna are fast swimmers, be prepared for a challenging chase. Keep your Harpoon or gun loaded and ready to fire at all times.

Dave The Diver Tuna

2. Steel Net Sensor Traps

A helpful tip for catching good quality Tuna fish would be to purchase Steel Net Sensor Traps from Cobra’s Shop. These traps should be placed near the area where the Tuna group patrols. It is important to note that the traps may not always be available, so check regularly. Dave must use a drone to extract the caught Tuna when using these traps. All you need to do is position the trap in the path of the Tuna and wait for them to swim into it.

Steel Net Senzor Trap

3. Steel Net Gun

The Steel Net Gun can be a game-changer if you want to catch Tuna. This powerful tool is crafted to withstand the force of struggles from hefty fish like Tuna. Its sturdy net keeps them trapped until you’re ready to retrieve them.

1. To get the most out of the Steel Net Gun, strategically position yourself near a Tuna group.

Dave The Diver Steel Net Bomb 1

2. Fire a net and watch as it envelops the fish within its net. Timing is essential to successful catches with the Steel Net Gun.

Dave The Diver Steel Net Bomb 2


We hope the tips mentioned above have been useful to you in catching Tuna while playing Dave The Diver. If you have any queries or feedback, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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