How To Sell Gear In Hogwarts Legacy: Full Guide

Check out our detailed guide if you want to sell unwanted gear for Galleons in Hogwarts Legacy. 💰


Do you want to know how to sell unwanted gear in Hogwarts Legacy? In this guide, we will show you how to get rid of unwanted gear in exchange for cash (Galleons).

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world adventure that captures the magic of the Wizarding World with its intriguing new characters, complex combat system, and immersive Hogwarts experience that can keep you entertained for hours. Although the game has some technical glitches, a mediocre main storyline, and limited enemy diversity, it remains an exceptional choice for any Harry Potter enthusiast.

Should I sell or destroy my gear in Hogwarts Legacy?

As you advance through the game, you’ll likely end up with gear that is no longer useful. Your more recent items will have greater strength, rendering your older ones obsolete and weaker. Consequently, holding on to them makes little sense, especially if you have limited storage space. It’s best to dispose of the gear you have surpassed and no longer require by selling it.

While it is possible to dispose of your equipment in Hogwarts Legacy, it might be more beneficial to exchange it for Galleons instead. Nevertheless, if you encounter issues selling your equipment and require additional space for new items during a quest, you may have to discard equipment of lesser value. This can be avoided by organizing your equipment list before embarking on significant quests. By doing so, you can guarantee that you maximize the value of your equipment and prevent unnecessary losses.

Where to sell gear in Hogwarts Legacy?

One convenient location for selling your gear in the game is Hogsmeade. This area becomes accessible after completing the first Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts classes within the first few hours of gameplay.

Hogwarts Legacy Hogsmeade

When you’re in Hogsmeade, visiting Gladrags Wizardwear is a must. The vendor offers a wide range of items that are regularly updated.

Hogwarts Legacy Gladrags Wizardwear

In Gladrags Wizardwear, you can find top-notch equipment in gold or purple that can significantly improve your defensive stats when equipped.

Hogwarts Legacy Gladrags Wizardwear Buy

The best part is that you can alter the appearance of any leveled clothes you buy, no matter how unappealing they might be, and still keep the stat boosts.

When selling gear in Hogwarts Legacy, you can choose to sell them to any vendor you come across. You do not have to search for a specific vendor. To do so, interact with the vendor and request to see their wares. Then, choose the Sell option, and all the available items will be displayed. Remember that only gear and clothes can be sold in Hogwarts Legacy. Potions and materials cannot be sold. However, this may be beneficial since you may require a particular potion or material in the future. Although selling items individually may take longer, it is the only way to earn money from extra gear and clothes in the game.

Best shops in Hogsmeade

 Besides Gladrags Wizardwear, there are other stores and shops where you can sell gear in Hogsmeade:

  • J. Pippin’s Potions potion shop, where you can sell and buy potions. You can find potion ingredients and recipes near the Floo Flame to the west of Hogsmeade. You can also sell any ingredients you find at this store.
  • Tomes and Scrolls, owned by Thomas Brown, is located south of Hogsmeade. You can sell any unnecessary gear to him.
  • The Magic Neep is a shop northwest of J. Pippin’s store, where you can also sell your items.
  • Ollivanders, situated in the center of Hogsmeade and run by Gerbold Ollivander, sells wands and buys unwanted gear.
  • Broom and Peck is a shop where you can sell magical creatures and unwanted inventory.
  • Spintwitches Sporting Needs sells brooms but also accepts trade-ins.

If you’re interested in expanding your shopping options beyond Hogsmeade, you may wish to explore the various hamlets in the countryside surrounding it. These towns are home to numerous merchants; however, their availability cannot be viewed on the World Map. Therefore, you must visit each city individually to find your desired merchants.

What is gear selling prices in Hogwarts Legacy?

Selling gear within the game is an uncomplicated process. Nevertheless, you must remember that the amount of Galleons earned for different types of gear will differ. The worth of a gear set is determined by its rarity, with the rarest gear sets fetching up to 200 Galleons. The table below displays the approximate amount of Galleons that players can anticipate for selling gear of varying degrees of rarity:

Gear rarityPrice (Galleons)

Players can discover premium equipment labeled in gold and purple hues at this particular vendor, although the prices are exorbitantly high. To obtain these items, players may consider selling their outdated gear. It is worth noting that players cannot store gear outside their inventory until they gain access to the Room of Requirement.

Room of Requirement


Some gear in Hogwarts Legacy become obsolete, leading players to sell unwanted items for Galleons at shops. If you want to clear up some space in your inventory or earn extra money, knowing the locations and methods for selling gear in Hogwarts Legacy is crucial. Our article offers comprehensive guidance on successfully vending your equipment to merchants throughout the game. This way, you’ll be able to keep collecting new items without worrying about running out of space. However, if you have any additional questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below, and we’ll be happy to help.

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