Jurassic World Evolution Crashing: How to Fix

Before you dive any deeper into solving the crashing issue, make sure your PC is strong enough and the integrity of the game files is verified.


Jurassic World Evolution is the perfect choice if you are a fan of dinosaur-related games. However, quite a lot of players reported facing constant crashes while trying to play the game. So, if Jurassic World Evolution crashing, you have come to the right place. In today’s guide, we will go through some of the easiest and yet, most effective methods to solve this problem. 

Why is Jurassic World Evolution crashing?

Jurassic World Evolution could be crashing for a number of reasons, starting from outdated video card drivers and unverified integrity of game files to outdated Windows build. However, since we are not talking about any specific issue, it can be quite challenging to point out the “one” reason why this is happening. 

What to do if Jurassic World the game keeps crashing?

When a certain video game keeps crashing and prevents a smooth gaming experience, there are quite a few ways to approach the issue. Still, before you try any time-consuming methods, there are a few quick and simple ones to check out:

  • Check the system requirements – Video games tend to crash when the hardware you use is below the required minimum. Therefore, you should make sure that your PC specifications meet the requirements of the game you are trying to play. 
  • Verify the game files integrity – If certain game files are corrupted or missing, the game will probably cause issues like crashing. That is why you should verify the integrity of files through the game client you are using. 

If the integrity of Jurassic World Evolution files is verified and your PC meets the required minimum, but your issue still persists, check out the following solutions:

  1. Update video card drivers
  2. Update Windows
  3. Adjust the graphics settings
  4. Close the background applications 

1. Update video card drivers

Outdated video card drivers are a well-known cause of dozens of gaming-related issues, including crashes. So, before you try to play any video game, you should always check whether your GPU drivers are updated or not. 

There are two ways to update the drivers. The first one is to update them manually, and the second one is to use a program like PC HelpSoft that does all the updating for you in a single click. We highly recommend using PC HelpSoft as it is the most hassle-free, reliable method. Still, if you want to do it manually, this is how:

  1. Go to “Device Manager” on your PC.
  2. Expand the “Display adapters” option and right-click your GPU.
  1. Select the “Update driver” option and choose “Search automatically for drivers”.
  2. Restart your PC to apply the changes. 

2. Update Windows

Jurassic World Evolution could also be crashing if you are trying to play it on an outdated Windows build. Aside from that, an outdated Windows can cause a lot of other issues with video games and prevent many programs from working properly. To update your Windows, do this:

  1. Press “Windows + I” at the same time to open up the system settings. 
  2. Navigate to the “Windows Update” section and choose the “Check for updates” option.
  1. Once the installation of the new version is done, restart your PC. 

3. Adjust the graphics settings

Even though your PC may meet the required minimum in terms of hardware specifications, there is still a high chance that crashing is caused by graphics settings. So, whenever you encounter an issue like this one, try lowering the settings in the options menu and see whether that fixes the issue.

4. Close the background applications

If you are trying to play a video game that is causing crashing and other performance-related issues like freezing, it may be because of overwhelmed RAM. You can prevent such this from happening easily by turning off the background apps. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Use the “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” shortcut to access the Task Manager. 
  2. Once the window pops up, select any unnecessary apps and click on the “End task” button at the bottom right. 
  1. Close the Task Manager and check if the crashing continues.

Additional tips on how to stop the Jurassic World Evolution crashing issue

  • Set the game to high priority – In the Task Manager you will also be able to see the “Details” section where you can set the game’s priority to high. This method is well-known for fixing a lot of performance-related issues. 
  • Remove conflicting apps – There are apps such as Nahimic Sonic Studio and Sonic Radar that tend to interfere with the game. Make sure to remove them in order to avoid and prevent such issues from happening. 

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Final Verdict

Long story short, updating GPU drivers and Windows build are the first thing to try when facing issues like this one. In addition to that, make sure that there are as few apps in the background running as possible. Not only because they tend to consume too much RAM but also because a lot of them tend to interfere with a lot of video games. 

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