How to Sell Game Accounts Safely & Legally: Best Ways

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Gamers across the globe decide to buy gaming accounts for several reasons. Some may not have the luxury of spending countless hours grinding on a specific item. Others may want to play with their friends in different regions.

However, buying game accounts involve a high degree of risk. Millions of people report scams and similar activities daily. But, does that mean genuine account trading is not possible? Not at all. 

Is Account selling Illegal?

You may wonder that is it ok to sell game accounts. Well, it depends. If the rules of service of the site to which the account belongs forbid it, selling or purchasing accounts is usually illegal. The legality may, however, also be influenced by the particular legislation of the nation where the account is being acquired or sold. It is advised to research the particular terms of service and the legislation in your region to ascertain whether selling or buying accounts is legal.

Following the below-mentioned tips and risks, you will likely soar through the process without any problems. 

How to sell game accounts safely and avoid risks?

  1. Avoid Dealing with Resold Accounts
  2. Flagged Accounts
  3. Ensure Security
  4. Account Recovery
  5. Inventory and Level
  6. Perks Offered
  7. Knowing your options

1. Avoid Dealing with Resold Accounts 💸

Resold accounts are the bane of every buyer and seller. It is crucial to ensure the specifics of the gaming account before dealing with it. Many random sellers will guarantee the safety of your account purchase. However, these statements are often false claims, making it complex to determine the account’s first owner. Dealing with such issues has become quite common in recent years. Therefore, we advise you to refrain from buying such products. A great way to avoid the problem is to conduct the account transfer on reputable websites. 

2. Flagged Accounts 🚩

A handful of websites and account sellers incorporate the use of bots in their accounts. Botting allows users to farm experience, items, and mass manufacture accounts for selling. Game developers are continually banning and disabling accounts with such behavior. Most, if not all, gamers have heard about real-world trading companies and countries like Russia. For instance, newbies in this industry often find themselves banned when they buy OSRS account mistakenly with bots. Hence, you must avoid the purchase of accounts from clients with a bad reputation at all costs. 

If you are a new seller, it would be wise to shift your location to European countries. Plenty of verified account sellers reside in Europe or the United States. Additionally, you may want to hire professionals to hand-pick the appropriate accounts based on the set parameters.

3. Ensure Security 🔐

Account security is probably the leading cause of concern for most players. Sellers can provide lifetime guarantees to the player, but the process is not as easy as it may seem. Players frequently report game developers banning their newly bought accounts. The reason behind this is not due to a seller’s fraudulent behavior. Instead, it is because the game’s algorithm detected an irregularity in the player’s activities. The culprit for this issue often involves the use of different IP addresses and locations of access. 

Authentic and reliable websites offer to counter these problems through a few methods. As a buyer, you must demand the provider to use a VPN or mask their IP address when using the account. Additionally, you will also need to request their security protocol and ensure their legitimacy. Some signs of a good dealer include guidelines that make the process more intelligible and straightforward.

ExpressVPN is a great tool for maintaining your online privacy while also keeping you safe thanks to its encryption.

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4. Account Recovery ❤️‍🩹

Whether it is a game or an application, the original owner can effortlessly recover the account. You can take numerous precautions to avoid it from happening. However, you will only be delaying them from gaining access back to their account. Not many workarounds exist for this concern other than purchasing the account from verified sellers and websites. 

As a seller, you will inevitably run into customers facing such issues. Without pointing any fingers, it is vital to understand that customers can commit scams as well. To ensure the security of your income and services, we suggest you deal with authentic websites. Likewise, you must also conduct your sales and transactions using options available to both you and the client.

5. Inventory and Level 🕵️‍♂️

The constituents of an account are what determine its price and value. When buying an account, it is imperative to check if you are getting what you paid for priorly. Undeniably, leveling up your characters is a chore. It requires an ample amount of time and dedication to reach the max level and access your desired items. Mass multiplayer online games need players to get higher levels to unlock more content. Therefore, purchasing an account with maxed-out characters enables you to enjoy the game without worrying about leveling up. 

The primary goal for purchasing such accounts is to dive right into modes. And for climbing the rank ladder, a max-level character will not benefit you. Thus, be sure to carefully check the gear, durability, and compatibility with your class.

6. Perks Offered 🪙

Account providers and sellers offer many services. Similar to buying items in real-life, targeting products with a money-back guarantee sounds compelling, right? The key to landing a great deal is to look for such perks or negotiate with the seller to provide them. Most websites without any middlemen offer these perks, making it safe to deal with them rather than random individuals. A noteworthy gain is access to other regions for a game. Game developers restrict players from playing in other areas. Thus, players cannot indulge in gaming sessions with their friends across the world. You may also want to look into other perks as well, such as timely delivery and activation. 

As a seller, to expand your sales scope, you can target different regions when providing accounts. You should also offer a replacement account for individuals who get their accounts banned. Doing so will ensure a better understanding between you and the client, pushing them to make the purchase. Level-boosting services for pre-existing accounts are also something many players desire.

7. Knowing your options 🧐

Several account trading platforms provide a degree of protection to both parties. These websites act as a middleman for the clients and sellers, monitoring the transaction carefully. While a problem may not arise right away, as mentioned before, the original owner can reclaim their account. Therefore, the provided protection by the platform helps resolve such concerns. The platform prioritizes the buyer’s case quite evidently. Many websites offer insurance packages, providing full refunds if the account gets reclaimed. Although the forum may look into your issue without insurance, a 100% money-back guarantee is not a possibility.

Furthermore, for sellers, as long as you have not committed any fraudulent acts, it is unlikely the buyer can file a complaint. However, if the buyer provides proof of the scam or a banned account, the platform may hold off the payment. 

What is the best website to sell game accounts?

We can’t name the best website to sell a game as you should choose it by your own following some important criteria.

When looking for the best website to sell game accounts, it’s imperative to look for a secure and reputable platform, that has a large number of users. In this way, you can make sure to find interested people that want to buy your gaming account. Look up the following factors  when choosing the best website for you:

  • Security: The website should have secure payment methods, and also safety measures to protect your personal and financial data.
  • Notoriety: Reading multiple user reviews and forums to see the opinion of other people about the website. Make sure it has a positive reputation among gamers.
  • User base: In order to enhance the chances of finding buyers who are interested, seek for websites with a significant and active gaming community.
  • Support: Also make sure the website offers 24/7 support, for any issues or questions you might have about selling your game account.
  • Fees: Ensure you understand the cost before committing to a platform because some websites charge fees for listing or selling your game account.


Online account trading has more demerits than merits. Many times, the price compensated is too great to recover from quickly. Hence, before considering such a purchase, you need to consider the loss you may suffer. Likewise, instead of dealing with dirt-cheap prices, you may want to aim for authenticity and reliability. Analyze the reviews, or even get in touch with the reviewers! Ask them about their experience so far. If the answer does not satisfy you, move on, and avail yourself of services provided by credible platforms.

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