Fix Status Gunnerside error in Warzone 2.0 & MW2 [PS4/PS5]

If you got the Status: Gunnerside in W2 or MW2, follow our walkthrough to fix the problem in no time.

In MW2 or Warzone 2, you could experience a Gunnerside error indicating the #x4502e2b536787a991 code that prevents you from playing the game. Users of PS4 and PS5 currently experience this error.

If you encounter this annoying error while playing, don’t worry, we have a few workarounds that will address the issue right away.

We understand how important your time is so we wrote this article with the intention of saving you 10 minutes by providing the information you need. By reading this article, you’ll get the precise solution to fix the Gunnerside error, save time, and acquire useful information.

What does Gunnerside error mean?

The error known as Gunnerside, which frequently occurs in Call of Duty: MW2 and Warzone 2, is caused by a faulty internet connection. Basically, if you have difficulty connecting to the game servers through your internet, No network connection detected. You must have an active network connection to play online or over a local network Status: Gunnerside #x4502e2b536787a991 error will be displayed.

How do I fix Gunnerside error?

To fix the Gunnerside error, since it’s a network connection problem, ensure that you have a fast and reliable internet connection, as a preliminary check. If you have no problems with your connection, let’s proceed to further steps to fix the problem.

1. Restart your console

For numerous reasons, restarting a console can frequently fix issues with network connections.

  • Restarting your PS4 or Ps5 will clear the cache and any temporary data that has been accumulated on the console, which should fix any conflicts or problems.
  • Restoring connections: Restarting the console can assist in restoring network connections, which can help solve any difficulties with the present connection or find and address any underlying issues.
  • Refreshing software and firmware: A restart can also assist in refreshing the console’s software and firmware, ensuring that it is running the most recent version and has all of the performance improvements and problem fixes.

Overall, rebooting a console is a simple and efficient troubleshooting process that can assist resolve a variety of technical difficulties, including those involving online connectivity.

2. Check the server status

When playing CoD Warozone 2 or MW2 online, it is crucial to check the server status because it can have an impact on the stability and reliability of the game’s internet connection. Players may experience slowness, disconnections, or issues like Gunnerside error that can have a severe influence on their gaming experience if the server is unavailable or down.

Players can find out if there are any known issues and whether the game is running well by checking the server status. They are able to avoid frustration and enjoy the finest gaming experience possible as a result.

3. Update the game

Because updates can address a variety of underlying technical issues that can affect the stability of the game’s connection to the internet, updating a game can resolve network connection issues when playing online. For example:

  • Network compatibility: Updates can fix problems with the game’s compatibility with different network configurations, enhancing the reliability of the game’s connection.
  • Optimization of the game’s utilization of the available bandwidth can lower lag and increase connection dependability. This is possible with updates.
  • Updates can enhance communication between the game client and game servers, which lowers the risk of disconnections or other network issues.
  • Players can frequently fix network connection problems and enhance the general dependability and stability of the online game experience by updating the game.

4. Check your router and modem

The main points of communication between your console and the internet are your router and modem which can help you fix network connection issues when you’re playing online. Your network connection may become unstable if one of them isn’t working properly.

Restarting your modem and router or looking for firmware updates can often alleviate problems like poor connectivity, slow speeds, dropped connections, and errors such as Gunnerside. You can increase the stability and performance of your online gaming experience by making sure that these devices are set up correctly and working at their best.

5. Use a wired connection

When playing CoD online on a PS5, using a wired connection can help with network connection troubles because wired connections often offer a more dependable and consistent connection than wireless ones. Wireless connections can be affected by physical impediments, interference from other devices, and distance restrictions, all of which can lead to a less steady connection and slower speeds.

On the other hand, wired connections, such as Ethernet cables, give your device and your modem/router a direct and physical connection, resulting in less latency, better speeds, and a more reliable connection. For online gaming, choosing a wired connection can assist ensure that you have a dependable and quick connection, lowering the possibility of disconnections, lag, and other network-related problems.

6. Change DNS Settings

To change the DNS settings on your PS4 and PS5, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to “Settings
  2. Choose “Network
  3. Choose “Set Up Internet Connection
  4. Choose either “Wi-Fi” or “LAN” depending on your connection type
  5. Select “Custom
  6. Select “Automatic” for IP address settings and “Do Not Specify” for DHCP Host Name
  7. Select “Manual” for DNS Settings
  8. Enter the desired DNS server addresses (you can use either a public DNS server like Google’s DNS servers (, or your internet service provider’s DNS servers)
  9. Test your internet connection to make sure the changes were successful

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