Gaming Setup: What Do You Need For The Best Experience

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Real gamers know that expert-level strategy goes beyond talent and skill—it’s also about your gaming setup and how you use it.

If your mouse isn’t accurate, how are you going to going to line up the crosshair for that perfect shop? Or maybe your refresh rate is slowing you down, putting you steps behind the competition…

In case you want to achieve massive success in the gaming industry, you need to create a balance between ability, equipment, and enthusiasm.

How much is a full gaming setup?

If you’re wondering how much a complete gaming setup costs, the price relies on a number of variables, including the hardware capabilities you choose.

For a simple setup, you should expect to pay roughly a few hundred dollars. If you’re feeling adventurous, be prepared to spend several thousand dollars or more if you want to get a high-end system.

Now, let’s discover together what you need for the best gaming setup.

What is the best gaming setup for a beginner?

For a beginner gaming setup, we strongly recommend going for a comfy chair, decent headphones, and a computer/laptop capable of handling any of your favorite masterpieces for the next few months or years.

In case you want to step to the next level, you can also choose a console. According to worldwide users, some of the best options for beginners are Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, or Xbox Series X.

What do you need for the best gaming setup for professionals?

Table of contents:

1) A Powerful Primary Device 🔋

Possibly the most important component of your gaming setup is your primary device. Your PC or laptop is the one with the CPU and graphics power to run your favorite games, transmit audio, and process your commands as you navigate through your preferred game scape.

If you’re in the market for a new gaming rig (PC or laptop), you should then consider looking at the best budget graphics card or follow these tips to help you find one that’s ideal for gaming usage.

  • Processors: For gaming, you’ll want a processor with at least 2 cores, but 4 and 6 cores are even better. If your budget allows for it, an 8-core processor would seriously ramp up your processing abilities, but a 6-core CPU would do the trick.
  • GPU: If you’re playing graphic-intensive games (like 99% of us are), you’ll want to prioritize your device’s graphics processor. A good mid-range card would be Nvidia GTX 1060 or the AMD Radeon RX 580, while high-end graphics cards would be the Nvidia GTX 1080 or AMD Radeon RX Vega 56.
  • Update Flexibility: It’s not uncommon for gamers to make occasional updates to their hardware—not that you want to all the time—but when shopping for a gaming rig you should look for one that can easily be customized or upgraded.

2) Peripheral Accessories 🔌

If you follow any online gamers, you probably notice that nearly all of them have multiple computer monitors to expand their view. Not only does an external monitor help enhance your experience in the game scape, but it also allows you to multitask, game on a live stream, and level up your strategy with more accuracy than ever before.

Most modern devices allow you to daisy chain your devices, which essentially means you can link each together with a single cable rather than an HDMI or VGA cable for each.

3) Experience-Focused Hardware

As we discussed before, your hardware is extremely important to your gaming operation. There are a few ways you can upgrade your hardware systems, but in general, you will want to focus on the following in order to enhance your gaming experience: CPU; GPU; RAM; Video Card.

4) Audio-Enhancing Tools

In addition to the graphics experience, audio is another important factor to consider when revamping your gaming setup.

Like graphics, having access to high-quality audio can give you an edge on approaching competition and help immerse gamers into their zone for optimal performance.

When shopping for a primary device, though, audio power doesn’t need to take too much weight because you can upgrade your audio setup with external speakers or a set of gaming headphones.

The other plus here is that headphones can help block out outside noises that may cause you to stray focus from your game.

5) An Ergonomic Setup

If you regularly participate in marathon-long gaming sessions, getting an ergonomic setup is a must. The last thing you want when you’re moments away from making that critical shot is a hand cramp or back pain because your chair isn’t conducive to your gaming session.

Here are some features to consider when enhancing your ergonomic setup:

  • Gaming chair: A gaming chair makes for an excellent addition to your gaming setup because it provides physical support and positions you in the optimal situation to play your best session.
  • Gaming keyboard: Though they might be old-school, gamers generally prefer mechanical keyboards because they’re more tactile and more accurate than membrane keyboards. Plus, they can be programmed to reflect custom keys that gamers use more frequently in order to enhance ergonomics.
  • Gaming desk: In the same way a gaming chair is essential to a long gaming session, so is a computer desk. With compartments to store everything you need, you can focus on your high score for longer than ever before.

How to make a gaming setup with a laptop?

It seems like tons of players are wondering what are the best ways to take advantage of their laptop devices and transform them into a proper gaming setup. Below you can find a few related tips:

  • First, we recommend going for a device with a fast CPU (such as an Intel Core i7/i9, or a Ryzen 7/9 processor); a dedicated graphics card; and enough storage space to support all of your favorite gaming masterpieces.
  • In order to properly enjoy all of your game’s graphics at their finest quality, you’ll need an external monitor. Keep in mind to choose an option that offers a high refresh rate and low response time.
  • Do not hesitate to spend a bit more on professional accessories, such as a mouse, keyboard, or a capable headset.
  • In order to prevent overheating headaches while exploring all the virtual worlds, it is recommended to buy a cooling pad.
  • Last, but not least, ensure that you’re playing in a well-ventilated room with comfortable seating and appropriate desk height.

Ready to revitalize your gaming setup? Use these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to crushing the competition.

In case of encountering any additional questions, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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