Why Is League Of Legends So Popular In Asia?


However, a huge percentage of League of Legend players are Asians. In the eSports industry, Asians generate more than 35% of the industry’s revenue, and a chunk of that comes from League of Legends Asian players. This data has us wondering why League of Legends is so popular in Asia.

What Is The League Of Legends?

Leagues of Legends, popularly known as LoL or Leagues, is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game created by Riot in 2009. The video game was inspired by Defense of the Ancients (Dota) and has garnered millions of fans worldwide to become of the most-played games in the eSports industry. Its meteoric rise to popularity can be attributed to depth, technical complexity, and fascinating gameplay.

The gameplay sees two teams, each with five players,  going against each other in a mission to destroy their “Nexus.” Whichever team destroys the opposing team’s Nexus first wins the match. However, on your way to achieving this mission, you’ll encounter objectives you must conquer to gain experience points and golds. These will help you increase your level and purchase in-game items that’ll make you stronger than the opposing team.

From this seemingly easy gameplay, there have been tournaments, and leagues held internationally to produce champions and masters of the game. The game has 12 leagues hosted on a global scale to eventually produce a team of champions in the annual League of Legends world championship. However, these leagues and the world championship have been constantly dominated by Asians.

Why Is The League Of Legends So Popular In Asia?

Asia has the largest eSports fanbase of any other in the world, especially in Korea and China. The Asian continent was among the first to accept professional gaming as a legitimate sport, offering more stable jobs to gamers and gaming enthusiasts. When League of Legends launched, Asia was one of the first continents to accept the game and master the necessary skills widely.

However, the reign of League of Legends has seemed to overshadow other eSports games on the Asian continent. From research and observations, we’ve got some reasons why League of Legends remains the most famous MOBA game among Asia’s pro gamers. 

League Of Legends Paved The Way

League of Legends was the first MOBA game that had the Asian eSports market in a chokehold. Before the advent of Dota 2 or any other MOBA games in Asia, their players had been playing LoL for years. League of Legends was made available to the Asian market when it dropped in Asia, and its close contender, Dota 2, dropped in Asia sometime in 2013.

Hence, players were more familiar with League of Legends, and this has made it a discipline to pass from one generation of gamers to another. It’s how the game has stayed relevant and on top of the chart for years.

Betting On League Of Legends Is Lucrative

League of Legends has some of the best betting odds in the eSports betting sector. Lol odds have made several rich, and it’s doing so with the annual leagues and tournaments held. You can check this website for some of the best odds on League of Legends. As always, you’ll need to have good knowledge of the game and teams you’re betting on to ensure wins. You can check for tips, guides, and stats on many eSports betting dedicated sites.

LoL betting odds have made Asian gamers and enthusiasts rich, seeing the world championship is dominated by them. It gives them a better chance of winning at bets and keeps the game relevant and popular on the continent.

Visual Elements Of LoL Appeal Better

If you have not noticed, the visuals and character designs seem like they were specifically created for the Asian regions. The cartoon-ish representation of the characters syncs better with Asians who already have a penchant for Anime. If you’re observant enough, you might observe a Japanese theme going on with the characters’ styles portraying ties with the Asian culture.

No Other Game Comes Close In Statistics

From the number of champions and gamers produced by League of Legends in Aisa, it’ll only be natural to draw more people’s attention. It’s the game you’ll want to see what the fuss is about and then get hooked forever. As such, no other game has successfully tried to break the chokehold of the game on Asians.

Its statistics remain untouched on streaming platforms, garnered fans in eSports arenas, and revenue generated annually for the industry.

Why Is Dota Not As Popular In Asia As League Of Legends?

Defense of the Ancients is another MOBA game popularly known around the world. The game also has its leagues and has produced champions and professional gamers over the years. However, its reach in Asia is minimal compared to that of League of Legends. The reason for this, although not being a bad game, can be summarized as the following.

  • League of Legends came first to Asia.
  • Dota has a more difficult learning curve compared to LOL.
  • League of Legends can be played on almost any PC.
  • League of Legends has better fascinating visuals.


With this, we’ve seen why League of Legends remains a popular video game in Asia after over a decade. Its climbing statistics also indicate its reign over MOBA games in the region is not stopping soon.

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