How to Get Better at Halo: 10 Tips [Gamer’s Guide]

In today's guide you'll discover the top 10 tips you should definitely follow to get better at Halo!🎮


Halo Master Chief Collection is almost a complete game with enough content and gameplay that will keep you playing for a long time and several different modes that players love like the multiplayer feature.

This first-person shooter game is packed with excitement all around and with its latest foray into the PC world, more and more players are joining in the fun.

If you’re a new player looking to get in on the action you’ll find this collection of pro tips quite helpful.

Does Halo Master Chief Collection have multiplayer?

The Master Chief Collection includes six games, each with its own set of multiplayer maps, modes, and game types.

There are over 120 multiplayer maps and numerous options for playing with community-made Forge content. This makes the Collection the most comprehensive and varied Halo multiplayer experience available so far.

To discover more about the Halo: Master Chief Collection, make sure you check some detailed info on the Steam official page.

Now, let’s see what you can do to get better at Halo and improve your gameplay.

How can I get better at Halo?

Table of contents:

1. Stick to Your Teammates

If you’re playing a team game, you should ensure you’re not far away from your team members. Staying in and around the same vicinity will ensure one team member is not left behind and can receive backup fire from teammates when in danger.

There should be a considerable distance between teammates though to reduce the chance of the whole team being decimated with a single bomb or assault.

2. Know your Weapons

There are tons of different weapons you can select in this Halo game and studying them will allow you to make a more informed decision on the weapons you should be packing.

You don’t want to be carrying only heavy and slow weapons, varying the weapons to include easy-to-use and quick-releasing weapons may just save your life in an unexpected attack.

Learn how best to use each weapon, when to use them, and their rate of fire.

3. Practice

You must have heard this severally but it sure hasn’t become obsolete. Practice as often as possible to improve your shooting, timing, aim, and the general feel of the game.

Get a feel of the different modes like the campaign and firefight modes, this will help you become accustomed to the game and what to expect when playing.

4. Know your Map

If you want to get better at halo quickly, one easy way to improve is by studying the map. If you can get a mental picture in your head of where all the essentials like armory are kept, where enemies can be hiding, where you can get a vantage position, the zones with more enemies, and more; the game becomes easier.

You are better prepared when you enter those regions; you know where to stand to avoid unexpected attacks in areas where enemies may be hiding.

5. Make Use of your Motion Sensor

This is one of the features that improve the reality of the game. This motion sensor lets you feel where your enemies are around you.

Now, not many people have been able to understand it yet. You need to pay attention to it and let it guide you. You’ll be able to feel when enemies are close and react quickly before they attack.

6. Aim for Headshots More

There’s a reason headshots are more difficult to pull off; they are more effective. A single headshot with a non-automatic weapon will kill your enemies.

When you can, especially if you’re in hiding or fighting a single enemy, the headshot is your best chance. This may be difficult to achieve when several enemy soldiers are sprawling the area with less time for accuracy.

7. Use Grenades for Tougher Enemies

Some enemies like the elites are more difficult to kill; they are fast and unpredictable, usually requiring more than the normal rounds to kill them.

Using grenades is a more effective way to kill these tough soldiers. Depending on their armor at that time, some of these grenades may not kill them but will still cause huge damage by weakening their shield and leaving them vulnerable.

8. Learn How Armor Customization Works Across Game Modes

In the Halo master chief collection, you can customize your armor to serve certain purposes like more strength against certain types of weapons.

One thing you should understand is that this armor customization has slight variations across the different modes.

9. Learn to Hijack Vehicles

Hijacking vehicles in the Halo game is not so difficult but it can also be risky as enemies can drive over you in an instant. You can however use the plasma pistols hypercharge shot to disable the vehicle for a few seconds to enable you to complete your hijack.

Ensure you are close enough before you attempt hijacking a vehicle.

10. Have fun

Never forget it is still a game. Have fun while playing it and you’ll notice you play better when you’re relaxed with less pressure on your shoulder you can even decide to use cheats to make the game easier and more relaxed for you.

Does Halo 3 get harder with more players?

From what some users had to say, based on their personal experience, the level of difficulty in Halo 3 may slightly increase with the number of players, but this effect is negligible compared to the advantages gained from having more players in the game.

Other opinions are saying Halo 3 does not get harder with more players. In fact, the difficulty level of the game remains the same regardless of the number of players.

However, playing with more players can make the game more challenging in terms of competition and teamwork, as players will need to work together effectively to defeat their opponents.

Additionally, more players can lead to more chaotic and unpredictable gameplay situations, which may require players to adapt and think on their feet in order to succeed.

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Halo Master Chief collection is an interesting game to play full of gaming content to enjoy and these are the best ways to play it and get better. Do not try to finish the game in one go; have fun and take breaks while you enjoy the game.

Additionally, another thing that you can save in your Halo tips list is our dedicated guide on how to update your graphics driver for better gaming performance. It will be your main support in always ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

In case of facing any additional related questions, feel free to describe them in the comment section below.

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