Destiny 2 App Not Working: 3 Quick Fixes in Just 3 Minutes

You are used to being able to manage gear, fireteams and tracking progress from your smartphone? Suddenly the app doesn't work? Don't worry we know what to do! 🤙


You wished that the new game update would bring new features and optimizations, but you discovered that Destiny 2 app not working means that the experience will not be the same. Don’t worry! We have a few aces in our sleeve that you can use to fix the problem with your Destiny 2 Companion app.

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Why is the Destiny 2 app not working?

The Destiny 2 app is not working because of:

✔ Outdated software
✔ Internal file damage
✔ Temporary issues on your mobile device or network
✔ Issues on Bungie’s end
✔ Destiny 2 server is down/Destiny 2 server not available
✔ Problems with app cache file size and data download settings

How to fix Destiny 2 app not working?

Fix the Destiny 2 app with these easy fixes and checks:

☑️ Check for maintenance notes: Bungie team publishes these notes on the official Twitter profile. These notes are usually issued in advance if it is scheduled maintenance. In any case, you must wait for the problem to be fixed on their side since you cannot influence the game server.

☑️ Restart your mobile device: If the issue is not the game servers, you can start troubleshooting on your devices. The first thing to do is to restart the device on which you have Destiny 2 Companion installed.

☑️ Use another network: There is a chance that your network is not working correctly. Close the app, connect to an alternative WiFi network, and open the Destiny 2 Companion app. You can also try this using mobile data or a hotspot from another mobile device.

If this doesn’t make a difference and the app is still not working, proceed with these solutions:

  1. Increase cache size
  2. Enable data downloads
  3. Clear the app cache files

1. Increase cache size

Time needed: 3 minutes

By default, the cache file size is limited to 100MB. This can be problematic for the app, mainly if you use it extensively. We recommend you increase this limit, ideally to 500MB. After doing this, you can update databases to ensure everything runs correctly.

  1. Launch Destiny 2 Companion app and tap App Settings.

    destiny 2 app settings

  2. Select Data Settings.

    destiny 2 data settings

  3. Tap on Max allowed cache size.

    destiny 2 max allowed cache size

  4. Select 500MB or another option other than 100MB.

    destiny 2 max allowed cache size 500 mb

  5. Tap Update Databases and wait for the process to complete.

    destiny 2 update databases

2. Enable data downloads

If you are using mobile data, there is a chance that the app will not be able to connect due to the limitation of using only Wi-Fi. Disable this limitation to use Destiny 2 Companion even when using mobile data.

  1. Launch Destiny 2 Companion app and tap App Settings.
    destiny 2 app settings
  2. Select User Settings.
    destiny 2 user settings
  3. Scroll to Restrict 3D data downloads and ensure it is disabled.
    The box should be unchecked.
    destiny 2 restrict 3d data downloads

3. Clear the app cache files

The limit for cache files should already be greater than the default 100MB, but this doesn’t solve the problem of corrupted cache files. To fix this, navigate to your mobile device settings and select the option to clear cache files in Destiny 2 Companion.

For Android users:

  1. Navigate to Settings on your Android device (gear icon).
  2. Scroll down until you find Apps, and open it.
    android settings apps
  3. Tap on Manage Apps.
    android manage apps
  4. Find the Destiny 2 app and tap on it.
    android manage apps destiny 2
  5. Hit the Clear all data button.
    Wait until the clearing is finished…

For iOS users:

  1. Navigate to Settings on your iOS device (gear icon).
  2. Scroll down until you find General, and open it.
    ios settings general
  3. Tap on iPhone Storage.
    ios iphone storage
  4. Find the Destiny 2 Companion app and tap on it.
    ios iphone storage destiny 2 companion
  5. Hit the Offload App button and confirm the action.
    Wait until the offloading is completed…
    ios destiny 2 companion offload app
  6. Tap on the Reinstall App button.
    ios destiny 2 companion reinstall app

💡 Offloading and reinstalling the app on iOS is not a complete reinstall. For this, you need to remove the app and install it again manually from App Store.

Extra steps

Some players will have more difficulties when making the Destiny 2 app work. If you are one of them, you can try some of the last resort options:

  • 🌐 Use a VPN: If your problem is related to a faulty internet network, we recommend you connect through a safe and reliable mobile VPN. One such provider is ExpressVPN which offers mobile apps for iOS and Android users.
  • 📲 Reinstall Destiny 2 Companion: Completely remove the app from your device, restart it, and head to the Play Store if you are on Android or App Store if you are on iOS. Install the Destiny 2 Companion app, log in again, and see if the app works.
  • 🔁 Factory reset: The last resort is to restart your mobile device to factory settings. This is a very unpopular option since you have to back up your data and install all the apps and games again. Double-check if you tried previously mentioned solutions and if Bungie services are running before doing this.

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Comment and inform us if these solutions helped you fix your Destiny 2 app not working problem. If you experience additional issues, let us know, and we will happily assist you in resolving them.

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