How Did CSGO Evolve From A Casual Game to a Way Of Earning Money?

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) started as a popular casual game among players, but over time, it evolved into a competitive game with a thriving esports scene where players generate some money.

These earning opportunities present themselves in betting, coaching, professional gaming, streaming, content creation, skin trading & investing, and online competitions.

You can make thousands of dollars from this game in any form. This article will detail how CSGO got to this point and how you can make money too.

What does Casual CSGO mean?

Casual is a type of game mode that has a preset configuration that limits the maximum number of players to 20 and includes other specific game settings that only apply to this mode.

In Casual, the usual number of players on each team is 10, and the game can be either bomb defusal or hostage rescue maps.

The Scale Of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) Today

CS: GO was created in 2012 by Valve as the fourth installment of the Counter-Strike series. When Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) launched, it was deemed the perfect and ultimate installment of the series by millions of critics and players.

Since its release over a decade ago, CS: GO has reigned supreme over all other multiplayer first-person shooter games in the eSports scene.

Today, 30 to 40 million individuals play CS: GO worldwide, and duly so, with the massive popularity it gained in the past few years.

During the pandemic, millions turned to video games for comfort and to keep their minds busy. As a result, several games in the eSports scene witnessed a surge, and so did CS: GO.

Video-based social media platforms contributed massively to this growth, including the likes of TikTok and YouTube.

Game streaming platforms, including DLive, Twitch, FacebookGaming, and Youtube, also witnessed a surge.

CS: GO’s popularity became so huge that the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 became the most-watched tournament in eSports history. It’s no surprise a game as big as this provides multiple sources of income for its fans and players.

How to make money with CSGO?

CSGO has been around for many years now, and with the crowd it pulls, it has evolved greatly from being a casual game. From the game’s long history, many would say earning from it started from online competitions and streaming on multiple platforms.

The following headers will highlight how these game features started making money for people.

Online Leagues and Competitions

CS: GO is a game of skill and mastery, and if you’ve mastered a thing or two that makes you stand out, you can earn from online leagues and competitions.

The small competitions from this game are so popular that several websites are dedicated to them. You can compete with people globally on ESEA, FACEIT, and Epulze. If you’d rather play on a local level, try 5EPlay, SoStronk, and Gaming Monk.

These platforms enter you into different game modes and formats in CS: GO. Some competitions happen daily or monthly, and there are 1v1 services in others. They all come with a pool prize that could accumulate handsomely if you’re well-skilled.

Skin Trading & Investing

CS: GO pioneered trading skins and NFTs as we know them today. Several people have made millions of dollars from trading these game skins, and the practice is still very much in vogue.

Weapon skins are dropped in games occasionally; the more challenging the game is, the rarer the skin. These skins don’t ass anything to your gameplay other than they make your weapon look cool.

However, over the years, we’ve seen collectors of these rare weapon skins, with some going for as much as a million dollars and even more.

But not all these skins cost this much, as you’ll see weapon skins on the Steam market for as low as $10. So you can get into this venture to start earning money with CS: GO.

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Thousands of CS: GO players leverage streaming platforms to make money. The streaming market is a bit saturated, and if you want to join now, you’ll have to be exceptional in what you have to offer viewers.

If you’re consistent enough, like several streamers today, you’ll build your fanbase, earn money, and even go as far as getting sponsored by big brands.

Content Creation

Content creation around CS: GO also sells with fans creating blogs to give updates and interesting facts about the CS: GO game and tournaments.

With the power of social platforms now, you might not even need to create a blog. Just be excited and exceptional with your content and post across social platforms to attract views and followers, and you’ll be well on your way to making money.


Several freelance platforms have seen accounts that promise to teach you to be a pro in CS: GO. Unsurprisingly, many enthusiasts employ their services, which remains one of the best ways people make money from the game.

Professional Gaming

This is the pinnacle of money earning with CS: GO. You might need to work through all the other career opportunities listed above before getting recognized as a pro player.

However, if you’re talented and skilled enough to join the league of CS: Go Pro players, your opportunities will be limitless.

What is the difference between Casual and Competitive in CSGO?

Keep in mind that in CSGO casual matches are comparable to competitive matches but with some differences.

Below you can find a detailed representation of the contrasts between the two modes in CSGO:

Max Rounds1530
Round Duration1:552:15
Start Money$1.000$800
Buy Time0:450:20
Max Money$10.000$16.000
Grenade Limit34
Flashbang Limit12
Kevlar + HelmetEveryonePurchasable
Defuse KitsEveryonePruchasable
C4 Plant/Defuse Money$200$300
Default Kill Reward Factor0.5x1x

The competitive mode in CSGO can help players make money by participating in the game’s esports scene.

Professional players and teams can earn money by participating in various tournaments and leagues, including the Valve-sponsored majors, where teams can win a prize pool of over a million dollars. Players can also earn money through sponsorships, streaming, and other revenue streams.

Players who excel in Competitive mode and climb the ranks may also attract attention from professional teams or organizations, leading to opportunities for professional gaming careers and potential earnings.

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These are some of the established ways that CSGO has evolved from a casual game to become a source of income for many.

You can also venture into these fields to start making money from the eSports disciple today. However, remember to stay consistent, as the paychecks might not roll in instantly!

In case you’re still facing uncertainties related to this topic, feel free to use the comment section below.

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