How To Make Money On CS:GO: 5 Useful Tips Tips

You can find real methods to gain money from playing CS:GO, so read along


Playing and winning at the same time seems like a myth, but it’s not a new method and many have been using it for a long time. Thus, many players are wondering how to make money on CS: GO

At a minimum, you can open fan clubs for any game, promote them, and then make money from advertising. You can make them in the format of a group on social networks, a website, or a channel on YouTube.

Stay on this page to discover how to easily get some money with your favorite game. Plus, the Steam Community official page is a relevant resource that you can check, so do not hesitate to give it a try.

Can you get money from playing CS: GO?

Nowadays, gamers can become professionals and people can learn how to make money on CS: GO. Thanks to the developed network infrastructure, everyone can make money from game projects.

What are the CS: GO cases: Classification and Pro & Cons

The introduction of the in-game item system has updated content and enabled users to individualize weapons within CS: GO. A box is a chest that, when opened, is likely to drop a decorative game item with a certain probability.

The design does not affect the mechanics or physics of the processes-this is purely a fun release designed to increase the variety of content within CS: GO. The described items do not give the player additional bonuses, so you should not be afraid of an opponent with a rare skin. 

To open the case in CS: GO, you need two components: the case itself and a key. Both of these items are disposable and will disappear from a player’s inventory as soon as they are opened.

A way to earn skins in CS: GO works both inside and outside the game. It does not require investment, that is, playing matches of CS: GO and hoping to get skins and cases that can be sold.

You can ask for skins on various CS: GO roulette sites. Go to the chat or profile of the winning player. You may be lucky and he will give you a few skins that he does not need. 

A common method is to sell rare decals, patterns, and floats. It is based on the principles of economics: buying cheaper and selling dearer when the purchase is no longer available.

1. Short-Term Investments

If you want to play with short-term investments lasting 1 to 2 months, follow a different pattern.

When there’s a game sale on Steam, all game items have a discounted price. Buy popular skins for the AK-47, M4, or AWP and save them until the end of the sale. After that, gradually start putting them on sale at the old price. The percentage of winnings varies from 20 to 40% and depends on discounts on popular games.

Spectator passes have been added to the majors. On the last day of the tournament, the price is reduced by 50%, after which the majors end and you can only buy a pass on the market.

And if the price of the pass does not increase, you can get your money back through Steam support. According to the rules of the service, you can return any in-game purchase within 48 hours.

It is thought to be the most profitable earnings in CSGO. But it will suit those players who are willing to devote most of their personal time to the game. You must have full knowledge of each item and know the price of the skins. You should know how to talk to the buyer and have the gift of persuasion.

The exchange can be automatic (via exchanges) or manual (via exchanges). The manual version brings the most profit because you will have no competitors. If you put a rare skin on CS: GO on Steam or another independent marketplace, it will be bought in seconds. It’s unlikely you’ll have time to react or negotiate with the seller. 

There will be no such problem with manual or direct skin trading. Make good offers and negotiate with the seller. If you are aware of the prices of items, staying in black will not be a problem for you.

2. CS: GO betting

That’s how you’ll earn real money or skins. If you know eSports well and know the strengths and weaknesses of the teams, then you can try your luck and earn money on csgo betting. 

Even if you don’t know much about eSports, you can find analytical predictions on a team’s victory. Before making a bet, think it over, carefully, watch the teams’ previous matches, and make a preliminary analysis. Analyze the bookmakers. Look for the full CS: GO betting FAQ to get as much useful information as possible before you bet CSGO real money.

3. Make money playing on sites

There are projects related to Steam. There you can get skins for CSGO, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and other games by playing on the sites. Projects have already been created with different modes. There are cases, of lockdown, upgrade, mine, and other modes.

There are really a lot of them. Each of the projects is unique; it has its own unique design, its own animated graphics, and most importantly, a different number of modes.

4. Operations

Thus, you will earn skins only in the game. When you buy a new operation, you are guaranteed to get weekly gifts in the form of new skins.

The cost of skins can vary from a few tens of cents to several hundred dollars, so this is how to make money with CS: GO skins

Thus, you will earn skins only in the game. Looking through online tournaments, you can win some valuable items: a case, a sticker, or a skin. Drops are dropped at the end of the tournament, so be patient. Because these matches draw hundreds of thousands of spectators and a lucky few, the chances of falling out are slim.

5. CS: GO affiliate programs

There are many sites related to Counter-Strike that offer affiliate programs. This can be different skin exchangers, sites with cases, and more. Cooperation conditions are different everywhere. 

There are different levels of partnership. It depends on how many people you have invited to the site. These conditions offer one of the most popular skin exchangers. You are paid for registration and a certain percentage of all transactions.

Many such sites on the Internet are interested in attracting new customers, so they are willing to pay partners. A great option for earning in groups, channels, and ethers. But you can also invite people without having their seats.

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Having said that, earning in CS:GO is quite possible, and you don’t need to invest anything or learn for a long time. Try to combine different ways in order to make money in CS: GO gameplay.

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