Skul The Hero Slayer Crashing: How I Fixed It

To put an end to the crashing issues in Skul: The Hero Slayer, follow all of the steps I've shared below. Also, feel free to mix the solutions and quick fixes.


I’ve been having a lot of fun while playing this indie game packed with a lot of action. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm was hindered when Skul The Hero Slayer started crashing randomly. At first I thought that I could solve the problem by restarting my device. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case so I had to start looking for solutions. After a few hours of troubleshooting, I’ve discovered a few efficient methods to deal with the crashes and to continue playing the game.

🧐Interesting fact

An intriguing fact about game crashes, like those in Skul: The Hero Slayer, is that they can unexpectedly improve a player’s troubleshooting skills. Each time I’ve faced a crash, I’ve learned a bit more about identifying and solving technical problems. It’s fascinating how resolving these game crashes inadvertently sharpens problem-solving abilities.

Why is Skul The Hero Slayer crashing?

Skul The Hero Slayer is crashing mainly because of out-of-date drivers and system processes. However, there are multiple reasons that could cause the crashing issues, and some of them are related strictly to the game. Yet, during my research, I’ve discovered that you might encounter frequent crashes due to:

  1. Insufficient System Resources: If your PC doesn’t meet the minimum hardware requirements (like CPU, GPU, RAM), the game may crash due to lack of resources.
  2. Software Conflicts: Other running applications, especially resource-heavy programs, can conflict with the game, causing it to crash.
  3. Corrupted Game Files: If the game’s files are corrupted or incomplete, this can lead to crashes.
  4. Overheating Hardware: Excessive heat can cause your PC’s components to throttle or shut down, resulting in game crashes.
  5. Incompatible System Settings: Certain system settings or configurations might not be optimal for running the game, leading to instability.
  6. Operating System Issues: An outdated or unstable operating system can contribute to game crashes.
  7. Problems with Game Updates: Sometimes, new game patches can introduce bugs or compatibility issues that lead to crashes.

How to fix Skul The Hero Slayer crashing?

To fix Skul The Hero Slayer crashing, check to see if your device meets the minimum system requirements of the game. Then, combine all of the solutions I featured below. Also, I recommend that you follow the steps to make sure that you avoid any software conflicts.

  1. Update Graphics Drivers
  2. Verify Game Files
  3. Run the Game in Compatibility Mode
  4. Disable Fullscreen Optimizations
  5. Run the Game as Administrator
  6. Disable In-Game Steam Overlay
  7. Use Windows System File Checker (SFC)
  8. Increase Virtual Memory
  9. Install Latest Windows Updates
  10. Adjust Power Settings
  11. Reinstall the Game
  12. Perform a Clean Boot

1. Update Graphics Drivers

I always make sure my graphics drivers are updated. Updated drivers often resolve compatibility issues and enhance performance, which can reduce or eliminate Skul: The Hero Slayer crashing issues.

  • Search for Device Manager: Click on the Start menu and type Device Manager.
  • Open Device Manager: Click on it when it shows up.
  • Find Graphics Card: Click on Display adapters, then see your graphics card.
  • Update Driver: Right-click on the graphics card and choose Update driver. Select Search automatically for updated driver software.
  • Restart Your Computer: After updating, restart your PC.
Skul The Hero Slayer Driver Update

2. Verify Game Files

I use the game launcher’s feature to verify the integrity of the game files. This process checks for corrupted or missing files, which is often a culprit behind game crashes.

  • Open Game Platform: Click on the game platform (like Steam) icon.
  • Find Skul: In your game list, right-click on Skul: The Hero Slayer.
  • Properties and Verify: Choose Properties, then Local Files, and click Verify integrity of game files.
Skul The Hero Slayer Verify Game Files

3. Run the Game in Compatibility Mode

Running the game in compatibility mode for an older version of Windows has helped me when facing crashes. This method can solve issues related to newer system updates that the game might not be fully compatible with.

  • Right-Click on Game Icon: Find Skul: The Hero Slayer on your desktop or in the start menu, right-click on it.
  • Properties: Select Properties from the context menu.
  • Compatibility Tab: Click on the Compatibility tab.
  • Compatibility Mode: Check the box for Run this program in compatibility mode for and select an older version of Windows, like Windows 7 or 8.
  • Apply and OK: Click Apply and then OK.
Skul The Hero Slayer Compatibility Mode

4. Disable Fullscreen Optimizations

I disable fullscreen optimizations for the game through its properties. This can help with compatibility issues between the game and Windows, leading to a more stable gaming experience with fewer crashes.

  • Game Properties: Right-click on Skul: The Hero Slayer icon and select Properties.
  • Compatibility Tab: Go to the Compatibility tab.
  • Disable Fullscreen Optimizations: Check the box for Disable fullscreen optimizations.
  • Apply and Save: Click Apply and then OK.

5. Run the Game as Administrator

Running the game as an administrator gives it necessary permissions and access to system resources, which can prevent crashes, especially if the game needs access to protected files or settings.

  • Locate Game Icon: Find the icon for Skul: The Hero Slayer.
  • Right-Click for Properties: Right-click the icon and choose Properties.
  • Compatibility Tab: Go to Compatibility.
  • Administrator Privileges: Check the box for Run this program as an administrator.
  • Apply and Close: Click Apply and then OK.

6. Disable In-Game Steam Overlay

I turn off the Steam overlay while playing “Skul: The Hero Slayer.” Overlays can consume additional resources and sometimes conflict with game processes, so disabling them can lead to better performance and fewer crashes.

  • Open Steam Client: Start Steam and go to your library.
  • Game Properties: Right-click on Skul: The Hero Slayer and select Properties.
  • Overlay Option: Uncheck Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game.
  • Save and Close: Close the properties window.

7. Use Windows System File Checker (SFC)

When I suspect system file issues, I run the System File Checker tool. It scans and fixes corrupted system files, which can be a subtle yet common cause of game crashes.

  • Open Command Prompt: Type cmd in the Start menu, right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
  • Run SFC: In the Command Prompt, type sfc /scannow and press Enter.
  • Wait for Scan to Complete: The system will scan and repair any corrupted system files. This process might take a few minutes.
Skul The Hero Slayer SFC scannow

8. Increase Virtual Memory

I increase my system’s virtual memory when I notice the game stuttering or crashing. This provides additional resource buffer for the game, especially on systems with limited physical RAM.

  • System Properties: Right-click This PC on your desktop, select Properties, then Advanced system settings.
  • Performance Settings: Click Settings under Performance.
  • Advanced Tab: Go to Advanced, then Change under Virtual Memory.
  • Set Size: Uncheck Automatically manage, set initial and maximum size, click Set, then OK.
Skul The Hero Slayer Virtual Memory Settings

9. Install Latest Windows Updates

I regularly install Windows updates to ensure system stability and compatibility. These updates often include crucial fixes that enhance the stability of games.

  • Open Settings: Click the Start menu, then the gear icon.
  • Update & Security: Click Update & Security.
  • Check for Updates: Click Check for updates and install any available.
Skul The Hero Slayer Windows Update

10. Adjust Power Settings

Switching my PC’s power plan to ‘High Performance’ ensures that the game gets maximum resources, which can prevent crashes caused by power saving modes that limit system performance.

  • Control Panel: Open Control Panel.
  • Power Options: Click Hardware and Sound, then Power Options.
  • High Performance: Select High Performance.
  • Create a Power Plan: If you don’t have the High Performance option create it by following the power plan creation instructions provided once you click on Create a Power Plan on your left.
Skul The Hero Slayer Power Plan Options

11. Reinstall the Game

As a last resort, I reinstall Skul: The Hero Slayer to fix the crashing issue. After all, a fresh install can sometimes resolve deep-rooted issues that are not fixed by other methods.

  • Uninstall Skul: Go to Add or Remove Programs, find the game, and uninstall it.
  • Reinstall Skul: Redownload and reinstall the game from your game client

12. Perform a Clean Boot

When I can’t pinpoint the cause of crashes, I perform a clean boot. This starts Windows with a minimal set of drivers and programs, helping me determine if background applications are affecting the game.

  • System Configuration: Press Win + R, type msconfig, and press Enter.
  • Selective Startup: Select Selective startup and uncheck Load startup items.
  • Services Tab: Go to Services, check Hide all Microsoft services, then Disable all.
  • Apply and Restart: Click Apply, then OK, and restart your PC.

Tips and Tricks to fix the crashing issue from within Skul The Hero Slayer

  • Adjust Graphics Settings: From within Skul: The Hero Slayer, I often tweak the graphics settings to reduce the load on my system. Lowering settings like shadow quality, texture resolution, and turning off advanced effects such as motion blur helps in preventing crashes, especially on less powerful hardware.
  • Manage Resolution Settings: I play around with the game’s resolution settings. Lowering the resolution can significantly ease the demand on my GPU, reducing the likelihood of the game crashing due to hardware strain.
  • Limit Frame Rate: Capping the game’s frame rate within its settings is another trick I use. By setting a limit that aligns with my system’s capabilities, I avoid overburdening the GPU, which can lead to crashes during intense gameplay moments.
  • Disable Unnecessary Features: If Skul: The Hero Slayer has optional features like in-game replays or high-detail modes, I turn them off. Disabling these features can free up resources and reduce the chance of the game crashing.


Each of the solutions addresses different aspects that can lead to game crashes, from software conflicts to hardware limitations. By methodically trying these fixes, you can identify and resolve the specific cause that leads to Skul: The Hero Slayer crashing. Keep in mind that the fastest way in which you can solve crashing issues is to keep everything updated on your device. Also, feel free to share any solutions that weren’t mentioned before. I will check them out and list them if they work on multiple devices.

Additional Resources: Check out the following article if you or your friends need to fix the performance issues and low fps in Skul The Hero Slayer.

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