Starfield Performance Issues: Major Programming Faults Found

Major programing faults found the by a vkd3d developer causing performance issues on Starfield 😮


Rumors have emerged suggesting that the root of Starfield’s performance issues may not be the hardware limitation, as previously believed, but rather major programming flaws within the game itself.

Since this game’s release, many gamers are having performance issues on Starfield even though their PCs are compatible with the system requirements. Initially, the assumption was that the problems gamers faced were caused by inadequate hardware capabilities and unoptimized settings from the users’ side. But a Reddit user called Nefsen402 posted a different story about this issue.

What are the rumored reasons behind Starfield’s performance issues?

According to Nefsen402’s post, a vkd3d developer has discovered some strange faults in Starfield’s programming mechanism, which is the main culprit of performance issues. The game mishandles the memory allocation and fails to fit with the CPU page size, which is why the game may crash if the GPU driver is not sufficiently powerful.

As proof of his claim, this Reddit user linked to the change log and a comment on vkd3d’s GitHub repository

Nefsen402 also stated two other points in that Reddit post. Starfield misuses ExecuteIndirect, a feature of DX12. This feature is supposed to make a game run better by reducing CPU usage while rendering the games. However, this game fails to give the correct hint to the GPU about this. As a result, the GPU stops its current process and starts again, which causes Starfield’s crashing issues, low FPS, lagging, etc.

In another point, the user claimed that Starfield initiates ExecuteIndirect calls separately, one by one, which puts extra pressure on the system and makes the situation even worse.

He also stated that by ignoring the actual facts, Bethesda is claiming Starfield is optimized for newer hardware.

The response from the community and Bethesda:

After this claim, the Reddit post got a lot of attention in the community. Most users agree with the claim, while some are arguing. We have not heard of any official response from Bethesda yet. However, many users in the gaming community are expressing their immense frustration over Bethesda’s release.

We are also not sure if Bethesda is aware of the issue, working on the problem, or investigating the things the Reddit user has claimed.

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Right now, the allegations are still in the realm of speculation, as no official statement has been made. But it’s undeniable that people are having many performance issues on Starfield. If you have an opinion, feel free to write it down in the comment box.

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