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Overwatch 2 is a massive multiplayer first-person shooter game from Blizzard Entertainment. The game gathers thousands of players daily, and it is a good game overall. OW2 is not very different in terms of gameplay from the classic game, but it has fewer consumer-friendly features. But, unlike OW1, OW2 is free to play.

Players were also expecting Overwatch 2 to be problem-free. Yet the game does have its fair share of errors, bugs, issues, and functional problems. However, they are not a drawback, as there are efficient solutions and quick fixes for them.

The most commonly encountered problems are High CPU Usage, Login Errors, Purchase Failures, Crashes, OW 2 not using the right GPU, and Getting Stuck. There are also many fixes and solutions for each of the problems above and for the issues not mentioned previously. We will add them below after we answer one of the most popular questions regarding the game’s problems.

Why is Overwatch 2 not working?

Overwatch 2 is not working because you might have corrupt system files, missing folders, outdated drivers, or because your antivirus is blocking some of the game’s processes. To fix this problem, you can update your drivers, use Scan and Repair to make sure that the game files are not faulty, damaged, or missing, and turn off your antivirus for 10 minutes. You might encounter other problems too, but down below you will find efficient solutions for them.

Crashing and Functionality Problems

Server Related Issues

In Game Errors

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