Total War PHARAOH Crashing: How to Fix It Efficiently

Crashing issues are common in new releases such as Total War PHARAOH. However, don't worry! You are in the right place, and by the end of the article, you will know how to combat this problem every time.


Skates sharpened, jersey on, I was all set to hit the digital ice. But my virtual hockey dreams were quickly frozen by an unexpected opponent: NHL 24 crashing! Let’s break down this chilling issue and share some personal tips to thaw it out.

Why is Total War PHARAOH crashing?

From my experience, the main reason Total War PHARAOH keeps crashing is because of incompatibility between the game and my older GPU drivers. However, the culprits can vary:

  • Outdated hardware or drivers.
  • Software conflicts, such as third-party applications running in the background.
  • Corrupt game files.
  • Overheating components.
  • Insufficient system resources.

How to fix Total War PHARAOH crashing?

To fix the Total War PHARAOH crashing problem, make sure that you meet the game’s recommended specs. Afterwards, before diving deep into the solutions, let’s tackle some quick checks that might save you a lot of headaches:

Quick Checks:

If, like me, you’ve ticked off these boxes and Total War PHARAOH still crashes, fear not! Here are solutions that personally helped me get back on track:

Hardware Solutions

  • Upgrade or Check Components: Sometimes, a slightly outdated component can cause crashes. In my case, a GPU upgrade was overdue.
  • Monitor Overheating: High temperatures, especially in the GPU or CPU, can lead to game crashes.Total War PHARAOH Temperature Settings

Software Solutions

  • Verify the Game Files: Sometimes, after multiple crashes or a faulty installation the game files could end up corrupted or missing. Thus, it is best to use the provided repair tool.Total War PHARAOH Verify Game Files Steam
  • Conflicting Programs: Close software that might interfere with the game, especially overlay or recording tools.Total War PHARAOH Task Manager
  • Settings Adjustments: Lower in-game graphic settings or switch to windowed mode.

Resource Management

  • Free Up RAM: Close unnecessary applications running in the background.
  • Increase Virtual Memory: Adjusting the size of the paging file in Windows can sometimes help.

⭐️ This How to Fix Games Crashes Due to Low Memory is a good gem for you to read.

How to prevent crashes in Total War PHARAOH

  1. Stay Updated: Regularly update your drivers and OS.Total War PHARAOH Windows Update
  2. Monitor System Health: Use monitoring tools to check component temperatures and RAM usage.
  3. Optimize Settings: Tailor in-game settings to match your hardware’s capabilities.
  4. Regular Backups: Always backup your game saves to avoid potential loss.

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💬 Conclusion

Nothing’s colder than the heartbreak of Total War Pharaoh crashing just when you’re about to win a head-to-head battle or a campaign. Through trial and error and a touch of tech savvy, I managed to resolve the crashes and get back to the game. Remember, most of the crashing issues can be fixed by updating your drivers and OS. Additionally, there are some caused by corrupted files, which can also be quickly solved by using the repair tools provided by the game launchers. I hope you can swiftly overcome any technical checks and keep your game on point. If you discover any other solutions, feel free to share them with us; we will test them and add them to the list.

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