What are Wall Spikes & How to Stop Climbing in Conan Exiles


Wondering how to stop people from climbing up your base? While that’s a common query in Conan Exiles, it’s pretty easy to prevent climbing using wall spikes.

While it seems to be fun when you are climbing up a fence in Conan Exile, it spells trouble for you when others start climbing up your walls.

If you encounter a black screen as you try to launch Conan Exiles, you can refer to our detailed post on how to resolve the issue.

What are Wall Spikes in Conan Exiles?

Wall spikes in Conan Exiles are building pieces that help you to create an anti-climb fence.

These are sharpened wooden spikes, that once placed, prevent people from climbing your base walls.

So, if you want to stop people from climbing up your base walls in Conan Exiles using wall spikes, we will guide you through this post.

What can I do to prevent people from climbing using wall spikes?

As a defense, you can use Reinforced Stone Fences (tier 3) or Crenelated Walls with spikes to keep climbers off.

While you can also use Palasides, they may not be as effective as the wall spikes on the Tier 3 fences.

All you need to do is to place them at the top of the walls, and anybody who climbs over them will take damage and fall down.

How do you stop people climbing walls in Conan?

1. Create fence/crenellations

  1. Any fence/crenellation prevents people from ascending. If you stack foundations, you can place them along the side of the wall. fence stack foundation
  2. If you use walls, place the foundations on top.foundations on top
  3. Make sure the side of the wall facing the enemies is fully enclosed and there is no way for them to hop over.

2. Use the real-world castle designs with wall spikes in Conan Exiles

  1. Try the real-world castle designs, most of which are constructed with protruding defenses that cover each other.
  2. So, if someone is climbing the wall, they will get shot from the side.
  3. Once you have designed your base as above, place the archer thralls where they can cover the wall. archer thralls
  4. So that if someone tries to climb, they will be attacked with arrows.

3. Create a strategy for the crenelated walls

  1. Make the crenelated walls attached to the sides of layered foundations as the bottom-most anti-climb ring. crenelated walls at the bottom
  2. Next, add walls topped with spike fences on the upper parts of the base. You can now place the crenelation so that the top part is flushed with the top of the foundation.
  3. Now, place a wall on that with a spiked fence on top of it. If the crenelation is placed in a way where the edges stick up, it won’t allow you to place a wall on the same edge.
  4. But, if you are placed high enough before the bottom ring starts, it’ll force them to try and get in through your elevator.

4. Stack fences smartly

  1. If you want your wall to be four foundations high, add the fence over the 2nd foundation before adding the last two. 4 foundations high walls
  2. So, you have to add the walls first and then the foundations later.
  3. It can’t be done in reverse without mods.

5. Use a wall instead of an overhang

  1. If you want to use an overhang, then instead of just the basic overhang, try a wall. Then create a ceiling at 90d, then another wall hanging down, like an inverted U-shape.
  2. However, make sure that your upper foundations are clipped to an existing in-game structure, as they can just burn the bottom foundation and everything above it comes down.
  3. Now, combine all the methods with Palisades, tier 3 crenellations, and archers that are protected from every angle except the wall they are defending.
  4. You can shoot archers all the time from out of their awareness distance and also include the U-shaped upper wall, etc.
  5. That way, any possible attacker may think it will be too expensive in orbs and/or the ammo and just move to an easier target.

With the climbing system, you can climb almost anywhere in the game (walls, mountains, ruins, or trees) in Conan Exiles.

All you need to do is to hit space as you reach a vertical surface and you can start climbing and exploring the Exiled Lands.

But if Conan Exiles keeps crashing or not launching, we have a detailed post on how to fix the issue.

However, this feature can be threatening for your city when people start climbing up your base walls.

Hence, you need a strong set of defense tools in Conan Exiles against climbing intruders like the wall spikes.

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