Diablo 4 Stats Reveal Two Most Popular Classes In Open Beta


Blizzard Entertainment has just concluded the longest open beta weekend in the history of the Diablo franchise for their upcoming game, Diablo 4. The company revealed some interesting statistics about the beta, including which classes were most popular among players in its open beta.

According to the official Twitter handle, the Necromancer and Sorcerer classes were the two most popular choices among players during the Diablo 4 beta. These two classes have always been considered incredibly powerful in the Diablo franchise, and it seems like they are still top choices for players in the upcoming Diablo 4.

The Sorcerer class harnessed elemental magic’s power, allowing players to cast devastating AoE and ranged attacks. Meanwhile, the Necromancer class allowed players to raise their own private militia of undead creatures to fight alongside them. While the Sorcerer was available to play during both the Early and Open beta, the Necromancer was only available in the latter.

Although Blizzard Entertainment did not reveal statistics for the other classes, it seems that the Barbarian may not have been a popular choice among players. This speculation stems from complaints received by many players who felt that the Barbarian class was comparatively weaker than other classes, but only until it was leveled up properly.

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Interestingly, during the six days of the Diablo 4 beta, players invested a total of 62 million hours into the game. On top of that, over 2.6 million players have unlocked the Beta Wolf Pack, which is a reward for reaching the level 25 cap. Additionally, more than 29 billion monsters were slaughtered during the beta, with over 46 million player deaths.

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Stay tuned for more exciting stats and updates from Blizzard Entertainment as they prepare for the highly anticipated release of Diablo 4.

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