How To Get Better At Rainbow Six Siege [Easy Guide]

Learn some valuable tips and tricks that help you gain victory in Rainbow Six Siege below ⤵

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege is a highly combative game that requires correct skill, execution, and patience. Most newbies have difficulty claiming victory in Rainbow Six Siege because of how competitive and complex the game can get. Unlike other tactical games that only require basic-level shooting skills, Rainbow Six Siege requires careful planning, advanced shooting skills, and thought-out executions. Luckily, we have covered some exclusive tips and tricks below to help you get better at Rainbow Six Siege.

Tips to get better at Rainbow Six Seige

If you want to know how to get better at Rainbow Six Siege, here are some essential tips and tricks:

  1. Train with Terrorist Hunt
  2. Adjust your aim sensitivity
  3. Be patient and go slow
  4. Make use of your drones
  5. Take cover during shootouts

1. Train with Terrorist Hunt

If you’re new to Rainbow Six Siege, we recommend training with Terrorist Hunt. Training Hunt is a great way to familiarize yourself with the game and how combats work. Think of it as an introductory course to Rainbow Six Seige that teaches you everything you need to know to win and kill your opponents. Avoid multiplayer combats when training, as you won’t get time to stay up to speed with the game. Train solo so you can learn the ins and outs of the game, such as how to use weapons and other unique features within the game.

When training solo, learn map layouts and get enough map knowledge. This skill is essential to knowing where to go and hide during gameplay so enemies can’t catch you off guard and kill you.

2. Adjust your aim sensitivity

If your bullets are not hitting your foes, check your sensitivity. Use Terrorist Hunt to practice and adjust your sensitivity when shooting. Just dial in the right controller sensitivity, and you’re good to go. The goal is to ensure you hit your enemies at the first attempt, killing them.

3. Be patient and go slow

When playing a tactical game such as Rainbow Six Seige, it can be tempting to shoot at everyone and everything within your vicinity. Unfortunately, this tactic won’t work in Rainbow Six Seige. All the noise you make when shooting and moving from room to room alerts your foes, exposing your location. This means you’re more likely to be found and killed.

The best strategy in Rainbow Six Siege is to be patient, go slow, and learn how to breach. When you go slow, you make much less noise, making it harder for enemies to hear you. It also gives you time to examine adjacent areas, ensuring you don’t run into your foes.

Along with going slow and making as little noise as possible, learn to listen carefully. Rainbow Six Siege has developed in a way that everything makes a sound. This helps players hear the movements of other gamers when they walk in adjacent rooms or sprint down hallways. You can use this to your advantage by playing the game with earphones or headpieces. We even recommend turning off background music in settings so you can focus on listening to movements.

4. Make use of your drones

Mindlessly bashing in a door or going through a window is a recipe for disaster. You may run into your opponents and get killed on the spot. If you want to survive and attack, use your drones to check out entry rooms before entering. We advise sneaking them into rooms through small spaces like vents and hiding them somewhere difficult to find. The goal is for the drone to go unnoticeable by your enemies so you can snoop in on their location.

However, ensure that the drone gives you a good view of the building and its rooms. This way, when you need to find enemies mid-match, you can use your drone and ping enemies for your team.

5. Take cover during shootouts

As mentioned earlier, Rainbow Six Seige is all about careful planning and execution. You can’t walk into a room blindly and start shooting. Instead, play the angles and the objective. For instance, ensure you have the best cover during shootouts, e.g., around a corner or behind a wall. You have more advantage when shooting behind cover than players who don’t. So, use this to your advantage to take out enemies and survive.

When firing from cover, don’t expose yourself, as it gives your opponents a chance to shoot you. Instead, pre-fire your gun before popping out. Simply start firing and peak out of cover as you fire a burst, then take cover immediately before your opponents can fire back.


Getting better at Rainbow Six Seige is crucial to winning and eliminating opponents. By training with Terrorist Hunt, adjusting your aim sensitivity, and going slow, you can kill your foes and claim victory. If you’re interested in Rainbow Six Seige troubleshooting fixes, here’s Rainbow Six Siege Keeps Crashing: Easy Guide To Fix It and Rainbow Six Siege Not Launching: How to Fix It Easily.

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