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Star Citizen has been in Alpha for a decade, yet the game is playable. Additionally, even if the game is still in Alpha, there are plenty of things to do, from trading, bounties, and travel to space and terrestrial combat. If you like space simulation games or Sci-fi MMORPGs, this is the perfect game for you to try.

The game is great because there are many things to do in it and also because it is still expanding. The community is highly welcoming of new players and helps them whenever they need it.

The greatest problems with this game are the bugs, errors, and issues that keep emerging. Players are already upset because a game so old is having so many problems, even if it received so much funding that it became one of the highest crowdfunded projects in the world.

To help the players, we did our research and collected various fixes and solutions for most of the commonly encountered game problems such as crashes, error codes, server-related issues, and functionality-related problems. You will find the fixes and solutions below:

Most popular fixes for the Star Citizen errors, issues, and bugs:

Common game-related issues:

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Network, Connection and Server-related problems:

Star Citizen Error Code 15011: Easy Fix Guide

Error Code 16008: Best Ways For Fix

Star Citizen Error Code 30012: Tips For Quick Fix

We will keep updating our tag page with more fixes and solutions for the problems you might encounter. Bookmark the page and stay in touch.

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