Rockstar Account Hacked & Email Changed: How to Get It Back

Chill session of playing your favorite Rockstar title became a horror? Take a deep breath in and follow our lead to get your account back! 👾 


Many players asked us how to recover your hacked Rockstar Social Club account, so we investigated and made a complete guide for this situation. The moment in which you realize that your Rockstar account hacked isn’t pleasant, so we invite you to stay calm and proceed with the steps we described below.

What if my Rockstar Games account is stolen?

If your Rockstar Games account is stolen, you can restart your password if the email address linked to the Rockstar Games account wasn’t changed. However, if the email address was changed, you could check your inbox for email from Rockstar Games, usually in Chinese, to reverse this action. Finally, you can contact Rockstar Games support and ask for assistance if nothing else works.

How do I recover my Rockstar Social Club account?

Get started by applying some easy checks to verify that your account is stolen:

  • Check your credentials: Before reaching a conclusion your account was stolen, check if your email address and password are correct. Often we change the credentials without saving them.
  • Check your inbox: Open the email inbox to which your Rockstar Social Club account is connected and check if there are any recent notification emails about password changes.
  • Try logging in from a different device: If you are still unsure, use another PC or mobile device and, ideally, another network to log in to your Rockstar Social Club account.

Once you are sure that your account was compromised, there are two scenarios:

  1. Only the password was changed
  2. The email and password were changed

1. Only the password was changed

You are lucky! When Rockstar Social Club accounts are hacked, the perpetrator usually changes your email address, making account retrieval more difficult (but not impossible). Follow the steps below to restart your password.

  1. Head to Rockstar Social Club and click the Account icon. Select Sign In.
    social club account sign in
  2. Click on the Forgot your password link.
    social club forgot your password
  3. Type your email address and hit the Reset Password button.
    social club reset password
  4. Open your inbox, find the email from Rockstar Games, and click on the Reset Password button.
    If you don’t see the email in the inbox, check the Spam/Junk folder.
  5. Type your new password two times and hit the Password Reset button.
    social club password reset

2. The email and password were changed

💡 This solution is related to the well-known Chinese email from Rockstar Games problem. Hackers will infiltrate your account and change the email and password. However, during this process, you will receive one email on your email account, which you can use to reverse this!

Time needed: 4 minutes

The process will go differently if your whole social club account gets hacked and your Rockstar Social Club email is changed. However, if you still have the email with the text in Chinese in your inbox, you can easily retrieve your account!

  1. Open your inbox and find the email from Rockstar Games in Chinese.

    This is the inbox of the email address to which your account was linked before the hackers changed it.rockstar games social club chinese email

  2. Open the email and click on the linked text above the link.

    See the screenshot.rockstar games social club chinese email content

  3. Type your new password two times and hit the Recover Account button.

    social club recover account

How to recover Rockstar account without email?

To recover your Rockstar account without an email, if you still didn’t manage to recover your hacked Rockstar Social Club account try to:

📧 Contact Social Club support: We left this option as the last resort since many gamers complain that it isn’t very efficient. However, it is still worth trying! Head to the Social Club account recovery page and fill in your details. Once you are done, click the Submit Web Ticket button. Although the response should come in less than 48 hours, it can go much later due to high contact volume.

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Hopefully, you are no longer wondering how to recover your hacked Rockstar Social Club account. We described all necessary prechecks you must make to ensure your account was compromised in the first place. This includes logging in from another device or network and checking if you correctly typed your credentials.

Once positive your account was hacked, restart the password or check your inbox for a recovery link within the Rockstar Games email in Chinese. As a last resort, we leave the option of contacting the Social Club support team. Good luck, and let us know how it went!

Furthermore, to prevent your Rockstar Social Club from getting hacked make sure to avoid rooms with hackers. They are unpredictable most of the time, and they can get more from your account then you might think.

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