Rust Tips – a starting guide for beginner players


Rust is one of the most popular survival games and has a hardcore following. Available for early access since 2013, the game was officially released for Windows and macOS on Feb 8, 2018, and for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 21, 2021.

The objective of the game is pretty straightforward, you are alone in an open world of wilderness, and you have to survive for as long as possible. That’s it. This is the gameplay of Rust in a nutshell. There are multiple ways for you to die in Rust, you can die because of an attack by a wild animal, or you could die from starvation, and the most obvious one, other players, can kill you. Since it is an open world, you can do a lot of things in Rust that are not possible in many other survival games.

Rust sounds like a fun game, but sadly it is anything but if you are just a beginner. For beginners, the gameplay could be harrowing. But if you are a beginner looking for some ways to survive for more than just a couple of minutes in Rust, then you are in luck. Following is a starting guide of rust cheats reviews by pro players of the game, which will help beginner players get used to Rust more quickly.

  • Choose a beginning-friendly server

As soon as one opens the gameplay, the first decision they need to make is not in regard to the game but regarding choosing the server they want to play in. Rust offers many different servers for a person to choose from and play into. It is a very crucial decision for beginner players as playing in a server with highly experienced players would get them killed immediately. A beginner should not select the most populated server either, as it is likely that most of the players there would be highly experienced.

A beginner should only select a beginner-friendly server; type ‘beginner’ at the bottom search bar in the game menu, and you will find several beginner-friendly servers, try a couple of games there before going for a higher-skilled game server.

  • A sleeping bag is a must

The first thing you need to have in Rust is construct a sleeping bag. A sleeping bag works as your last location point, and if you do not want to respawn from the very beginning, you need to place a sleeping bag in your most favorable location.

Sleeping has to be created in Rust with 30 clothes, which are gathered from hemp plants. This is the first task that a beginner needs to do, collect three hemp plants to create a sleeping bag.

  • Gather wood

Wood is an essential item in Rust; not only is the wood used to get some light, but wood is also necessary to build your base and other essential items like a storage box, building plan, wooden lock, weapons, campfire, and many more. This obviously explains why wood is so essential in Rust, so gather as much wood as you can in your next gameplay.

  • Choose the right spot for your base

When you have collected enough wood for a base, the next thing to do is construct a base. But where? The optimal place for a beginner to create a base is in the forest, as it is hard to locate a base in the forest as compared to desert when it can be spotted from a mile away or in a snowy area, where a beginner could die without clothes.

Do not overthink about your base, as you can always create more in the future.

  • Do not farm too much in a single outing

Now it may be tempting to gather as many resources as possible, but it could also be counterproductive. The longer you are outside farming, at a single location, the easier it would be for other players to catch a glimpse of you and take you out while you are distracted. That is why, no matter how disheartening it may seem, only farm a small amount, and return to your base. You can always gather more resources, or you can die collecting a little bit more and lose all of it.

  • Avoid lighting fire at night

It is a common thing that people often forget. Do not cook food or use a torch at night, as it will easily attract other players to your base. Make sure you have cooked enough food during the daytime, so you don’t need to light a fire at night. And if you have to cook at night, do it away from your base.

This is your starting guide to be a pro player even if you are new to the game. Do follow them and let them work for you to improve your play at Rust

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