Fix Thief Simulator 2 Crashing, Low FPS, Not Launching

Here is everything that you need to fix the Thief Simulator 2 Crashing, Low FPS and Not Launching errors. Most of the solutions worked on various devices.


If you are experiencing Thief Simulator 2 Crashing, Low FPS, or Not Launching issues, you are in the right place. We encountered the same problems on some of our systems, and we discovered a variety of ways in which you can solve them.

Friendly Advice: Before giving up, try all of the provided solutions, you don’t know when one of them will fix your Thief Simulator 2 Performance problem permanently.

Why is Thief Simulator 2 not working?

Thief Simulator 2 is not working because you are either not meeting the system requirements or your graphics drivers are outdated. However, the game could not be working due to other reasons too, such as:

  • Corrupted game files: Missing, faulty or corrupted game files could be the reason why Thief Simulator is not working properly on your system. They mainly occur due to game updates and fixes.
  • Unnecessary background applications: Background processes are most of the time resource hungry, especially when there are way too many of them for your system to handle.
  • Outdated OS and processes: Some games require updated processes and Windows files to work. However, if you blocked the Windows updates or have pending installations, they might be the reason why Thief Simulator 2 is not launching.
  • Faulty Hardware: If you have older hardware components, they might not be able to meet the game’s requirements due to them being outdated or faulty.
  • Software Conflicts: There are times when your applications or drivers are creating conflicts, which are mostly generated by faulty installations or update-related problems..
  • Antivirus and Firewall restrictions: Both antivirus and firewall might cause Thief Simulator 2 not-launching errors and crashing issues because they might recognize the game as malicious software. Additionally, they might restrict other needed game processes.

How to fix Thief Simulator 2 Issues?

To fix Thief Simulator 2 issues, try the following pre-checks before you get to the more elaborate solutions:

  • Check the system requirements: I had this problem with some other games. My laptop wasn’t able to run them properly, but my PC was, and then I checked to see if my laptop met the system requirements, and unfortunately it didn’t, and now I can only play Thief Simulator 2 on my PC until a new optimization is available.
  • Check the temperatures: Both CPU and GPU could end up overheating while you are playing. Especially if you are using a laptop instead of a PC, or if your vents are clogged on either devices. It is best to keep all of your devices clean and to change your thermal paste from time to time.Thief Simulator 2 GPU Temperature
    • Additionally if you are having another cooling system for your devices make sure that it is clear.
  • Verify the game files: Most launchers, like Epic and Steam, have an integrated repair tool to help you verify the integrity of the game files, which might be damaged, missing, or corrupted. The best part is that the tool can be accessed quickly, and it doesn’t take long to fix the issues which cause Thief Simulator 2 Crashing and other problems.
  • Allow the game through Firewall: The easiest way to fix the Thief Simulator 2 Not Launching issue is to ensure that the game is allowed through your firewall and that it is not considered a threat by it. Additionally, you can disable the firewall and the antivirus temporarily when you want to play the game.Thief Simulator 2 Allow an App through Firewall
  • Close background apps: This is an easy solution if your Thief Simulator 2 Low FPS and other performance-related problems occur due to a lack of resources. It can be done in a few minutes. What takes a while is deciding what applications to end if you have multiple ones running.

Crashing Solutions

I encountered the Thief Simulation 2 Crashing problem quite frequently, and these are the solutions that helped me the most. Although I think I exaggerated a bit by running the SFC scan, at least now I know that I don’t have any system-related problems.

  • Update or Rollback the GPU drivers: If you are like me and you are updating your GPU drivers to the latest version most of the time, know that it could be faulty and the best thing to do is to rollback the driver to a more stable version. However, if you don’t usually upgrade your graphic drivers, this might be the reason why you have Thief Simulator 2 Crashing issues.Thief Simulator 2 Driver Update
    • Additionally, you can update your drivers faster by using the Outbyte Driver Updater, which is a great tool because it keeps track of the drivers when it is updating them and doesn’t cause any driver conflicts.
  • Increase the Virtual Memory: This fixed my Thief Simulator 2 Crash problems, and also stuttering or freezing in other games. The best part is that it can be done in a few minutes. I will show you the steps below from 1 to 7.Thief Simulator 2 Virtual Memory
    • Important note: The initial size should be your RAM in MB x1.5 and the maximum size should be your RAM in MB x3.
    • Example: For 8 GB RAM you will have 8.192 MB (8 x 1024). This will result in an initial size of 12.288 and a maximum size of 24.576.
  • Perform a Clean Boot: Clean booting disables all the third-party Windows startup applications and allows you to play games in a clean environment, unbothered by various processes. This option can fix Thief Simulator 2 crashing problems because it works as a troubleshooter that solves problems.
  • Check your CPU: While you are playing, run Task Manager and check the percentage of your CPU utilization, to make sure that the Thief Simulator 2 Crash problem is not caused by having high CPU.
  • Clear your Cache Files:
  • Run a SFC scan: Ensure that the problem you are facing is not the result of corrupted or faulty system files by performing a SFC scan. This will take a while, but it is an easy method to use. All you need to do is open the Command Prompt, type SFC /scannow and then press Enter.Thief Simulator 2 Command Prompt

Low FPS Fixes

I had some performance difficulties that led to low FPS issues in Thief Simulator 2, and I fixed them by using the solutions below.

  • Upgrade the Hardware components: If your hardware components are outdated and don’t meet the system requirements, I recommend you upgrade them if you can. Otherwise, like me, you can wait for a better optimization patch that could fix the Thief Simulator 2 low FPS problems.
  • Disable Overclocking and FPS boosting apps: Do not use any overclocking or FPS-boosting apps. While they might work with some games, they might be using way too many resources, or they might be inadequate for your system and hardware. Additionally, you don’t want them to force your components.
  • Lower your graphics settings: I am an adept of high quality, and I like playing games on Ultra if possible. However, I dislike FPS drops, and until Thief Simulator 2 is optimized, you might experience low FPS here and there. Thus, I recommend you play with lower graphic settings like I do.
  • Enable VSync: If you have a high-end PC with a low-end monitor, VSync could help you fix the FPS problem. This setting allows your GPU’s frame rate to match your monitor’s refresh rate. However, it is a tricky setting because it might also be the cause of Thief Simulator 2 Low FPS problems due to the fact that it might lead to FPS fluctuations.
    • Enable GSync or FreeSync: These are the better VSync options, but they come with better monitors. Therefore, you should get a monitor that has them already integrated.
  • Use GeForce Experience or Adrenalin Software: I have an Nvidia GPU, and it works better with GeForce Experience, but if you are using AMD, try Adrenalin Software. They are both similar, and they do a great job at optimizing games. However, keep in mind that they might not work sometimes. If you were already using them when the problem occurred, disable them and reset the in-game settings.

Not Launching Solutions

If your Thief Simulator 2 is not launching, consider the following fixes. Most of them worked on different devices. However, make sure after you update Windows to check the version of your GPU, as it might change.

  • Update Windows: Newer Windows updates could fix conflicts and other problems by installing the latest versions of various tools such as .Net Framework and missing or new .DLL files needed to run games smoothly.
  • Repair Thief Simulator 2 game files: If you use Steam, to fix the Thief Simulator 2 Not Working problem, click on the verify the integrity of game files option provided by the app. It doesn’t take long, and it is the best alternative to reinstalling the game.
  • Run the game as administrator: If Thief Simulator 2 doesn’t open, just run it with the Run the game as administrator option. Additionally, if this solution fixes the problem, you can just set the game to run as an administrator permanently in two minutes.
  • Fix faulty installations: There are many things that might go wrong during the game installation or during the GPU driver installation. For example, I learned that when you are installing your GPU, it is best to start with the integrated one and then proceed with the dedicated one. Otherwise, you might end up with a drive conflict. Additionally, if you installed the game to a certain point and canceled the installation and then started it again, the only solution to Thief Simulator 2 not working could be to install the game again.
  • Clear any Temporary files: This solution is tricky, because you might not need some of your temporary files, but there is also a chance that Windows might need some of them to function properly. But, you shouldn’t worry as they will be back once you restart your PC.
    • The easiest way to get rid of them without any issues is to type in search Delete Temporary files and then press on the Temporary Files folder to delete them.Thief Simulator 2 Temporary Files

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Final Thoughts

We hope that the solutions above fix the Thief Simulator 2 Crashing, Low FPS, or Not Launching issues. Keep in mind that you should always make sure that your drivers and OS are updated, your files are in great shape, and that your system and firewall are not limiting or blocking any of the game-related processes. Make sure that you tried everything, as different methods can solve the same problem on different systems. If you discover any other solution or fix for your problem, feel free to drop it in the comments with the problem it corresponds to.

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