7 Tips to Make Fortnite Run Better on PC


Even though Fortnite has been around for quite some time, it is still one of the most popular battle royale games. Other than being free, it also has a great gameplay making it highly interesting. Although, if you are using an entry level or an older gaming PC, then your gaming experience might not be smooth due to lag.

In this case, you would want Fortnite to run better while playing games online. For the same, you have to try out multiple fixes as there are a lot of factors which can affect the gaming performance of your computer. Hence, you can try out the following 7 tips to make Fortnite run better on PC where all of them affect the performance of your gaming PC in completely different ways:

#1) Adjust Game Graphics in Fortnite

Before you go ahead and change the various settings and toggles in Windows settings on your computer, you can try adjusting the in-game graphics. Whether you are playing Fortnite or any other PC game, running it at high graphics can be quite demanding. As a result, you can consider playing Fortnite at low graphics to make it run better and smoother. For the same, you need to launch Fortnite on your computer and go to the Settings tab. Then, go to the Video tab and change the graphics quality preset to the lowest settings.

#2) Activate Game Mode in Windows

If you want to play games on your computer, then it is most likely that you are using Windows and not MacOS or Linux. This is due to the reason that the majority of PC games are only compatible with Windows. Because of this, Microsoft has included a Game Mode in recent versions of Windows 10. And as you can guess by the name, the Game Mode optimizes Windows 10 for gaming to produce better gaming performance. Thus, you can simply use Windows search to find Game Mode Settings and enable it to make Fortnite run better.

#3) Change Power Settings in Windows

Those of you who are using a gaming laptop for playing Fortnite must know that laptops have multiple power settings. All these various power settings offer different gaming performance numbers because of the power offered to the different components of your laptop. Therefore, you can try changing power settings in Windows to make Fortnite run better. You can simply search Choose a Power Plan in Windows Search and simply choose either the High Performance or the Balanced option based on the options you have enabled. Make sure that your laptop’s charger is plugged in for using high power profiles.

#4) Update Windows Drivers

Windows is known to have a lot of drivers for all kinds of hardware devices that you might be using. Since this also includes the CPU and GPU of your computer, it is quite important to ensure that you are using the right drivers. Whether you are using outdated or corrupted drivers, your Fortnite gaming performance can be affected by both. Therefore, it is recommended to frequently update Windows drivers by opening Device Manager. Inside Device Manager, you can simply right click on each device one by one and select Update driver to get the latest driver versions for optimum performance.

#5) Close all Background Tasks

As you would know, Fortnite is a fairly demanding game which uses all kinds of system resources like CPU, RAM, and the GPU. Because of this, if there is any kind of program running in the background, it may affect your gaming performance quite a lot. Thus, it is always a great idea to close all background tasks to make Fortnite run better on PC. In order to end background tasks, you need to press control+shift+esc to open Task Manager. Then click on More Details and right click on all unwanted tasks to select End Task for closing them. You can also try these methods to fix your PC. 

#6) Set Fortnite to High Priority

Another thing that you can do in Task Manager is try setting Fortnite as high priority. This will give all system resources to Fortnite for a smoother experience. Even if there are tasks running in the background, Fortnite should be able to run just fine. To change the priority of Fortnite, when your game is running, go to the Details tab in Task Manager. In here, right click on Fortnite, select the Set Priority option, and choose High. 

#7) Upgrade your Computer Hardware

While we have already stated various tips that can be great for optimising the performance of Fortnite on your computer, none of them might work if your computer is not powerful enough. This simply means that you are either using outdated or entry level hardware which is not meant for playing modern games like Fortnite. In that case, you should consider upgrading your computer hardware to make Fortnite run better. While laptops may only allow you to upgrade the RAM, you can upgrade everything in a desktop. Thus, you should start by upgrading the GPU followed by the CPU and RAM.


With these 7 tips to make Fortinte run better on PC, your gaming experience must be much better. And if you are able to run Fortnite smoothly, then you can get a great competitive advantage allowing you to easily win games. This is highly useful for players with older and entry level gaming computers.

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