Are Classic Casino Games Still The Most Popular Online Games?


The online gaming industry is known for its innovative nature, partly becasue developers constantly employ cutting-edge technologies to make their games exciting and fun. Don’t believe me? Click on vera & john SV to find out for yourself. They utilize various elements from real casino games and make the experience seem as good as real, which means that classic online casino games are still liked and played by gamblers.

It is that mix between innovation and tradition which makes today’s online casino games intriguing. At present, games like video poker, online roulette and mini roulette are not only among the most popular casino games, but are in fact the most popular ones, too.

Today’s article looks into classic casino games and explains why table games are still the most important casino games, even when they go online.

  • Classic gaming patterns rule over the industry

Without a doubt, the online gaming industry is among the most innovative industries in the world. And yet, the virtual casino platform still relies on some classic gaming patterns. Are iGaming operators simply uncreative, or is there a more sensible reason behind their utilising classic casino game patterns?

Keeping in mind the mind-blowing variety of bonus features most present-day slot games boast, we can say that iGaming operators are certainly creative. So, the reason why they use classic game elements in their games is, among other things, that table games have stood the test of time.

The majority of table games were incepted some 200 years ago, and games like baccarat are even twice as old. The fact that table games such as Roulette and Blackjack have survived a couple of centuries testifies to that their design is well-liked. But table games have not remained static – over the years, they have been slowly changing in order to remain attractive – and they have certainly achieved it.

Evidently, using classic casino game patterns is a key element to make a modern-day casino game attractive. Of course, iGaming operators do not adopt traditional game elements directly – they shape them to fit the needs of modern-day gamblers. As a consequence, games like Mini roulette, which is based on European roulette, are incredibly popular among online casino players.

  • What makes table games more attractive

In the lines above, we explained that table games are so popular because they have stood the test of time. Apart from that, the facts that they have better odds and lower volatility than slots also contribute to their popularity. On top of all, unlike slots, classic casino games offer a social casino experience.

  • Classic casino games are social even online

Without a doubt, table games are far more social than slots in land-based casinos. But they are more social at online sites like supercasinosites, too. Thanks to instant messaging, players can interact with each other while playing, and the feature is even available in live sections, too.

  • Table games have better odds

As you probably know, playing table games requires some knowledge and experience, whereas playing slots does not. Still, it is easier to win by playing table games than by playing slots. The majority of table games originate from games which had no house edge. Of course, once these games stepped on casino floor, they were modified and their house edge was established. Still, operators knew that they can not radically change games that have been around for ages, and that is why most table games have a low house edge. The situation is completely different with slots, which are incredibly easy to “modify”.

Just take a look at the house edge in table games and compare it to that in slot games and you will see why table games are easier to beat than slots. For example, craps has about 0.8% house edge, blackjack has about 0.5% if you are using a strategy, baccarat has about 1% and European Roulette comes with 2.70% house edge. On the other hand, progressive slot games have 5% to 17% house edge.

  • Lower volatility is a plus, too

Believe it or not, your bankroll is less likely to shrink when you are playing table games. Let us suppose you have $500 in your bankroll and you play blackjack using an optimal strategy, and bet $5 per hand. Mathematically, you have less than 0.1% chance of losing all the money in a ten hour play. However, keep in mind that you without a strategy, you can lose the money pretty quickly.

On the other hand, if you bet $5 per spin on slots, you can loose all $500 in just a few hours. As mentioned above, slots have a higher house edge, but that is not all. Unlike blackjack (and most table games in general), slots are incredibly fast-paced. What is more, slots have less frequent payouts, and they rarely pay out 1:1. In fact, most slots either yield just a small percentage of your stake, or yield seven-digit jackpots.

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