How To Start Streaming Online Gaming In Poland


In simple terms, online streaming is sharing of live online games. This is done on video hosting websites like Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube. Online streaming is just another form of video game streaming that is only focused on streaming gambling content. 

The demand for live gambling content keeps rising by the day. Online streamers benefit from online streaming by the use of ads and promotions on their channels. Compared to other streaming modes, online streaming is relatively easy. 

According to our expert Jacek Michałski (check profile), you do not need expensive streaming equipment, just a normal PC. The advantage of online streaming is that you still will be playing real online games, and you may still win from time to time. This earns you additional revenue from viewers’ funding. This is how you start online streaming. 

Have the Right Equipment

 A computer is a must-have if you are looking into learning how to start streaming. The advantage, however, is that it is not compulsory to have an expensive gaming PC. Unlike other modes of streaming where It is required to have expensive high-end graphic cards, online streaming is not focused so much on the graphics.

The normal integrated graphics card in your PC is enough to run video slots on your screen. It is important, however, to focus on your CPU capacity. You should have a recent coi5 processor running on a minimum of 8Gb RAM.

 It is also advisable to have a modern full Hd Webcam from trusted international brands. This should be accompanied by a decent microphone from reliable brands. This ensures quality audio and video. You should also consider your internet connection. In these times, it is recommended to have an HD Ready connection which is the most preferred connectivity on Twitch. Broadband with speeds of 5Mbps on uploads and downloads is ideal for online streaming in Poland. 

Have Essential Accounts

In the past, there were several options available for the streaming of live online games. These were Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer. Microsoft, the developer of Mixer, had issues and gave up on it. YouTube is the world’s largest video hosting website making it a great option but not the best for online streaming as it is not focused on gaming alone.

This leaves us with Twitch which is greatly dominant in the online streaming industry. This is because it focuses entirely on gaming, therefore, attracting the right viewers. You begin by signing up and creating an account on Twitch. It is also recommended to open an account from reputable brands. No need to worry because darmowe spiny is a good starting point if you are looking for bonus free spins and increase your chances of winning in the casinos. 

Have the Right Software

Streaming video and audio on Twitch also require you to have some extra additional software. Fortunately, there exists 100% free software options. Top of the list is the Open Broadcaster Software or OBS. The good thing about the Open Broadcaster Software is that there are many resourceful materials online to guide you with OBS basics.

Another important software service is the Stream labs software. It is useful in providing tools that manage donations for your Twitch Account. It is also important for you to source software that allows you to interact with followers. This is mainly done by a chat window where you can also receive feedback from your audience. 

Create Stream Layout

The next important thing to do is creating an attractive Twitch layout, which your audience will see. Twitch layouts involve:

  • Twitch overlays-This is the screen that viewers watch. Includes features like the latest events, sponsorship, and alert pop-ups.
  • Twitch banners- Twitch cover image recommended between 1200 x 380px in size.
  • Twitch panels-show your audience all the further information. It can be duplicated information that may already exist in your cover banner.
  • Twitch alerts-Simple pop-up GIFs with sound effects that you can customize all you want.

Create a Schedule

A streaming schedule is an important feature both for yourself and your viewers if you want to make money gambling online. Picking and sticking to a specific time to stream is a useful tool that aids in planning for both yourself and viewers. It helps your viewers know what time to join your channel, and it becomes a routine for them as they will not want to miss any stream time. 

Streaming online gaming has now become easy. Use the discussed points and start your journey of becoming a successful online streamer.

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