Kiwislots Launches Lotto Offers in New Zealand


New Zealand has some of the best paying lotteries in the world. They pay out an average of $55 for every $100 spent on tickets. The rest goes to charities and administration costs. When it comes to actual amounts, you could walk away with up to $44,066,667.

Now you might be thinking, isn’t that pocket change compared to the $1.586 billion Powerball a lucky US citizen won in 2016? That’s true. But it’s a huge enough amount to buy you a mansion and a lifetime of holidays around the world. 

The best part is that you can participate in New Zealand’s lotteries online. And thanks to Kiwislots, it’s clear where you should buy your tickets.

Multi Lotto

Multi Lotto is an international online lottery website with power balls that pay up to €430 million. All you need to is to choose a game with a specific number of lines and pay for one or more draws. 

Lines refer to winning numbers. As such, selecting five lines means picking five numbers you think will win. Depending on the game, you can pick numbers ranging from 1-40. Usually, the more numbers you pick, the more challenging it is to win but the higher the potential payout.

Kiwislots recently launched their lotto offering here. It’s an exclusive reward of $100 and 10 free tickets. According to Erik King, the website’s head author, this bonus can be used on all popular New Zealand lotteries or power balls from other countries where Multi Lotto operates.

Mega Lotto

Mega Lotto is a fully-fledged online casino based in Malta. It offers casino games such as slots, poker and blackjack. But it also dabbles with lotteries. The website’s biggest power ball is worth over $120 million. 

But similar to Multi Lotto, the power balls on this website are country-specific. That means not everyone can claim the $121 million jackpot for US players. However, there are games for players from many countries, including New Zealand.

Is there a bonus? No lottery site is complete without a welcome offer. In Mega Lotto’s case, the reward is to deposit $5 and receive $15. That’s a 150% bonus and enough money to purchase a handful of tickets. 

Mega Lotto has more generous bonuses for casino players. But they are not in the top 20 list of Erik King’s best casino bonuses as listed on Kiwislots. Erik King is known for other famous sites such as Zamsino, so he knows a thing or two about fantastic bonuses. 

The Lotter

This is another website New Zealanders can use to buy tickets for popular lotteries. The website claims to offer tickets for the world’s biggest lottery. That’s not entirely true but they offer a jackpot game with participants from all over the world.

The game lets you buy 3-25-line tickets and multiply your winnings through a multiplier that costs €2.22 per line. They don’t have a bonus you can use to try the game free of charge. But seeing entry tickets are cheap, they are worth trying. After all, the lottery has a pot worth $83 million.

The website also provides country-specific lotteries. The biggest pot for New Zealanders is worth $13 million whereas Aussies have a jackpot worth $20 million. Australian players have more games to play at the website, all of which pay $1 million or more.

For the full review about The Lotter click here.


Sloto Hit is another website that offers all types of casino games and not lotto alone. That includes live casino games such as poker and blackjack. In the lottery section, the Curacao-based website keeps thing simple. You select a game, pay for a specific number of draws and wait to discover if you won.

If you move on to the casino section, you get over 1600 slots and card games you can play instantly. There’s also a lucrative bonus worth 400% your first deposit. And there are more offers for loyal players. 

According to Zamedia, though, you need to research about bonuses before you claim them. Learn the requirements, and conditions of using free spins to play casino games. That way, you’ll have a vivid idea of what you should do to withdraw bonus winnings. 

Lottery Guides at Kiwislots

If you’re new to lotteries, you don’t need to participate blindly. Kiwislots shows you precisely how to go about power balls in New Zealand. Here’s an overview of the process.


  • Pick Six Numbers


Many lottery games in New Zealand involve six numbers selected from 1-40. There’s no format of what numbers you should pick. You could select 1-10, 20-30 or a selection of your cell phone numbers. It’s up to you.

As mentioned, you can purchase tickets to enter lotteries at the websites mentioned above. You can also purchase many tickets to increase your chances of winning. 

While purchasing tickets, keep in mind winning amounts are based on divisions. You must match all six numbers to win the Division grand prize. In contrast, Division seven pays out a smaller amount for matching at least three numbers. 


  • Claim your Wins


What happens when your numbers make up the winning ticket? Contact a local agent and show them your ticket. They will verify its legitimacy and credit money in your bank account. For very huge amounts—say NZ $10,000 or more, you must take your ticket at the lottery’s head office in Auckland. 


  • Support Questions


In case you experience challenges, contact the New Zealand Lottery Commission. You can reach them through a phone number or email address. They have a reputation for resolving lottery disputes fast and fairly. 

If you participated in an off-shore competition run by an online company. That’s a different case. You have to deal with the lottery website. Alternatively, you can contact the company’s regulator to ask for assistance.


Lotteries are a big thing in New Zealand. If you want to participate but don’t know how to get started, Kiwislot has an answer. It shows a guide on how to purchase tickets and participate in local lotteries. What’s more, it has a list of the best sites to use for both local and international games.  

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