The best operators in Rainbow Six Siege


Rainbow Six Siege is rapidly becoming one of the hottest esports out there, and everyone’s looking to figure out which are the top picks in the selection to get an edge on the competition. Here are the best operators in the current meta, courtesy of our experts…

Attackers and defenders: two very different roles

It should go without saying that assaulting a building is very different from defending it, and therefore the attackers will always be on the lookout for different skillsets from their counterparts. This has a clear and direct impact on their operator selection as well in Rainbow Six Siege.

The best attackers in Rainbow Six Siege


Every attacker team requires multiple hard breachers to get across the line, and Maverick has always been a top-tier contender for the role. Though explosives are more in vogue nowadays, making the Ace-Hibana-Thermite trio a standout pick for any team, Maverick’s blowtorch offers a slightly more subtle way of entry, offering an opportunity to flank and create small holes to set up advantageous gunfights against unsuspecting enemies, making him an excellent pocket pick for any attacker. Some go as far as to suggest that Maverick cannot be countered directly, and his versatility makes him a standout candidate.


Purity has to count for something, and the raw fragging potential of Ash off the back of her speed and powerful weapon makes her a premium entry fragger even after all these years of the game. Her ability to hunt down roamers and the ease of use when it comes to utility makes her a very effective choice for newcomers to the game as well, as Ash’s toolkit sheds some of the complexity involved with the deeper Rainbow Six Siege metagame.


Either it’s a sigh of relief or an audible moan depending on which side of the server you’re on, but it’s impossible to ignore a Jackal pick in the lobby. The professional matches monitored by Rainbow Six Siege betting site Rivalry have highlighted this operator as one of the most impactful ones in the competitive scene and it’s no surprise that there are lots of highlight clips revolving around Jackal floating around on the internet.

The disruption potential of Jackal can’t be understated, and the impact of his intel-gathering toolkit, most notably the Eyenox visor, makes him a premium pick for attackers. Relaying the information requires good communication and teamwork though, so this isn’t an operator for those who like to play on mute. Keep in mind that Caveira serves as a soft counter because of her ability to disrupt the Eyenox pings: this is, of course, a minor blemish on an otherwise excellent operator.

The best defenders in Rainbow Six Siege


As the name would suggest, Smoke’s toolkit revolves around denying vision and entry opportunities. The remotely activated gas grenades serve as a powerful deterrent and a time sink in crucial moments of the round, which is especially nasty when paired with the operator’s deployable shield for an even more powerful defensive setup.

Smoke’s weaponry suggests little sacrifice was needed for this sort of gadgetry, as both the SMG-11 and the shotgun at hand works as powerful tools in a close-range gunfight to complement the area control toolkit available.


There just can’t be enough nerfs for this guy. At the end of the day, there’s no real downside to him apart from the fact that he just isn’t as good as he used to be before. He is still one of the strongest defenders on offer with great roaming capability and a strong toolkit to soak up enemy utility, making him a reliable pick even after all this time. Those ADS gadgets are really something special.


One of the OG operators in Rainbow Six Siege, Bandit still remains a cornerstone of strong defensive compositions, especially when paired with Kaid. The Bandit Trick still remains a key part of the gameplay experience as hard breachers and drones alike will suffer from your excellent electrification toolkit. Just keep in mind that there are hard counters available, like Thatcher, Maverick, Twitch and IQ, making a strong understanding of the metagame a key part of picking Bandit as a defender.

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