Why Can’t I Summon Elden Ring [Explained]

Some battles can't be won without summons. We know how it functions and the potential reasons for summons not to work. 👾


Many players are asking why can’t I summon Elden Ring. We were decisive in finding all possible obstacles that can cause the inability to summon in Elden Ring. The result is the complete guide that will answer your question and provide comprehensive knowledge on how summoning works, when and if you can use it, and how!

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Why can’t I summon in Elden Ring?
You can’t summon spirits in Elden Ring because you are in the co-op multiplayer mode, already used this ability, Furlcalling Finger Remedy is active, you don’t have enough FP or spirit ashes, or you are not in the summoning area.

How do I enable summoning Elden Ring?

Before getting into the details of what you must do to summon in Elden Ring, let’s first ensure the basics:

  • You can’t summon in co-op multiplayer mode. If another player invites you to assist him, or vice-versa, you won’t be able to summon, as the assistance of a friend counts.
  • Did you already use the summoning ability? Summoning is only possible once in the same area, so if you already did it, you must either rest Site of Lost Grace or die.
  • Do you have the Furlcalling Finger Remedy active: If so, you must disable it to be able to summon spirits in Elden Ring.
  1. Collect enough FP
  2. Find and equip spirit ashes
  3. Go to the summoning area

1. Collect enough FP

Focus Points (FP) are the resource that powers your spells and skills in Elden Ring. Elden Ring can’t summon spirits often occurs when the player doesn’t have enough FP for summoning. The amount you need can vary from 30FP to 600FP, depending on the type of spirit you are summoning.

Here are a few tips on increasing FP in Elden Ring:

  • Find talismans that boost your FP
  • Enhance the Mind attribute to improve the maximum FP
  • Use talismans that preserve your FP

2. Find and equip spirit ashes

After gaining enough FP, you must have spirit ashes for summoning. Remember that different ashes require different amounts of FP and summons a different spirit. Additionally, some spirit ashes might require HP as a cost for summoning.

You can find spirit ashes by:

  • Defeating enemies
  • Buying them from vendors
  • Searching for them in the Lands Between

3. Go to the summoning area

Were you in the summoning area last time you unsuccessfully tried to summon? Summoning in Elden Ring is possible only if you are in the area marked with a tombstone mark on the left side of your screen.

💡 The tombstone will appear when fighting certain bosses or occasionally in the open world.

We learned about this interactive map for Elden Ring that will help you navigate to the closest summoning pools, which should activate automatically as you pass next to them. Once there, choose your spirit ashes from the inventory and summon the spirit after using some FP.

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Hopefully, you stopped wondering why can’t I summon Elden Ring, and you are already enjoying the game with the advantages summoning brings. Share with us how it went, and let us know if you still encounter any troubles, as it can be related to a technical problem that we can help you fix.

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